Department of Defense Zoominar for Communications Exercise, April 21, 2022

Tom Kinahan writes:

On Thursday 21 April at 8 pm ET representatives from the US Army Network Enterprise Technology Command will give an unclassified presentation to review the concept of the upcoming DoD Exercise 22-2 which will take place from 2-7 May.

Army representatives will briefly describe the concept of the exercise and how amateurs and Auxiliary communications personnel can participate in this training event.

Zoom info:

For more information connect to:

Tom Kinahan

US Army Military Auxiliary Radio System
Region One Director
aaa1rd at

NE-ECAPS Group Meeting, April 14, 2022

Cory Golob, KU1U, writes:

The New England EmComm & Public Service Group will hold an online meeting on April 14, 2022 from 7:30 – 9:00 PM ET. 


NTS Discussion (45 minutes):

  • Formation of “The Future of NTS” Team – Marcia Forde KW1U
  • Opportunity to gather input for the Future of NTS Team
  • Army MARS Traffic Handling update? – Charles Rocheleau, W1CPR & Steve Hansen, KB1TCE? Could either or both of you speak to this topic?

Other EMCOMM/Public Service Related Discussion (45 minutes):

  • Reminder of Working Group Meeting: Training Programs for New Hams in EMCOMM/Public Service – Rob Macedo, KD1CY
  • Discussion on 2022 Simulated Emergency Test plans (Have Sections started planning?) – Open Forum
  • Places for improvement on Public Service Events (do any sections need assistance in any areas for Public Service related events?) – Open Forum


[Contact Cory Golob for Zoom invite details.]

73 DE KU1U
Cory Golob <>
ARRL New England Assistant Director, EMCOMM and Public Service

Early Radio Film Comes to Yale University

"Invisible Threads From Wireless to War posterEd Snyder, W1YSM, writes:

   Linda Lee writes on the W1YU-officers mailing list:

Hello ham radio enthusiasts:

I wanted to let you know about a sneak preview screening happening at the Davies Auditorium on May 3, 2022 at 7:30 pm. The film INVISIBLE THREADS – From Wireless to War is about the early development of wireless technology and features Tesla, Marconi and a mysterious German wireless plant called Telefunken, which secretly aided the German military effort during WWI.

Ham radio expert Charles Apgar is also featured.

After the screening, filmmaker Joseph Sikorski (Tower to the People) will participate in a Q&A session.

Please feel free to spread this information to anyone you think might be interested. 

You can see the trailer & register for the free event here:

I hope to see you there!

All the best,

Linda Lee

ARRL New England Division Leaders Honor the Providence Radio Association for 100 Years of ARRL Affiliation

A sizable crowd of in-person and remote members were on-hand to welcome New England Division Director Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC, and Vice Director Phil Temples, K9HI, at a special meeting of the Providence Radio Association in Johnston, Rhode Island on April 12. Kemmerer and Temples presented the club with a plaque and special certificate honoring PRA on its 100 years of  ARRL affiliation.  Club members also heard a presentation by Kemmerer on the new ARRL Club Grant program.

Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC, presenting to PRA members
Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC, presenting to PRA members about the new ARRL Club Grant Program. (K9HI photo)
100th Anniversary Commemorative Plaque and Board Minute Certificate. L-R: David (“Tess”) Tessitore, K1DT; John R. Winman, KZ1K (seated); Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC; Phil Temples, K9HI. (PRA photo)
ARRL 100th Anniversary Affiliation Plaque. (PRA photo)

NEAR-Fest XXXI, April 29-30, 2022, Deerfield, NH

NEAR-Fest logoATTENTION: two weeks to go! 
* New England’s premier radio hobby event
* Both days
* Huge flea market, forums
* ARRL officials in attendance
Friday:  AMers W1IA Celebration and “HamJam”
Saturday:  VE Exams 10:00 AM
* Big door prizes both days (Two Yaesu FT-891s, two SDRplay radios, one each day)
Fun for all!  NEAR-Fest XXXI is Friday, April 29th and Saturday, April 30th 2022, at the Deerfield NH Fairgrounds, Highway 43, Deerfield NH. 
This is your last chance to get advance tickets and save $5.   Advance admission tickets $10  ($15 at the gate), Inside parking (flea market) $10.  Mail by Wednesday, April 20th in order to get them in time.  PLEASE ENCLOSE SASE!   Mail to W1RC, 316 Atlantic Avenue, Marblehead MA 01945. More info  Camping passes available onsite. 

W1SJ Live Technician Video Class, April 16, 2022

Mitch Stern, W1SJ, will offer his live Technician video class on Saturday, April 16 from 10 AM – 3 PM. This is a full live Zoom class with lecture, demonstrations and review.

Students should pre-study on the web site ahead of the class, but those in the process of studying would be good candidates.  According to Mitch, “If you don’t do this class, it will cost you $35 more after this weekend!”

W1SJ will also be conducting a General class course on April 23, 2022. He indicates that attendees of the General course will also be exempt from the $35 fee. 

Visit for additional information and to enroll.

Connecticut Ops Sought for 13 Colonies K2D Team, July 1-8, 2022

K2D 2021 QSLPete Chamalian, W1RM, writes on the YCCC list:

I am again looking for volunteers who would like to join the K2D team for the annual 13 Colonies Event.  This year we will be using K2D starting on July 1 at 9 AM to July 8 at midnight.  The operation for K2D must take place in Connecticut.

Operators will be using their own station and will be scheduled to operate.  We are looking for participants who are capable CW, phone, RTTY and other digi modes with the ability to operate on any band, 160-6.  The operating can be fast-paced, like a DXpedition at times.

Full details about K2D and sign up as an operator visit:

For more information about the 13 Colonies event, visit:

Questions can be addressed to me.

Pete Chamalian, W1RM

Volunteers for CT RFI Team Needed

ARRL Section Manager Chuck Motes, K1DFS, writes on the CT ARRL Members list:

The Assistant New England Director, ARRL, is recruiting volunteers to serve on a RFI troubleshooting Team for Connecticut.  So far there are two members on the team.  More are needed.

Rob Leiden, K1UI, is an Assistant Director of the New England ARRL Division, and can be addressed via email at:

Volunteers on the team will be trained in RFI detection and problem correction, and equipment will be available to the team.

The team may only be deployed following a request from an amateur to the League, and will work under a Team Leader.  This is a detection and assistance process.  There is no enforcement by the team or its members.  Cooperation of hams and the general public will be employed.

If interested, send an email to Rob Leiden at his email address, with your name, call, address, contact information, and an explanation of qualifications/skills/training/experience.

ARRL Connecticut Section
Section Manager: Charles I Motes Jr, K1DFS

RFI Troubleshooting Continues to Upgrade

The New England Division Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Troubleshooting Guide and Section RFI Teams continue to expand. The web pages now include even more RFI information for hams.

The spectrum-protection-and-use iogroup continues to develop the web-based process. A team training page, an RFI remediation techniques page and a page listing known RFI sources have been added. A page that will allow clicking on a New England map to find power utility contacts is being constructed.  Five of seven New England sections have RFI Teams and the rest are actively recruiting. A starter set of RFI Team equipment has been obtained. Initial use is planned for later this month. The EMA team is already involved in a case with team- owned equipment.

A forum at the New England / Hudson Division Hamxposition in August in Marlborough, MA will feature both the cooperation between Eversource and the New England Division and the process for getting hams help in resolving their RFI issues.