Connecticut Parks On The Air Group Activation “A Huge Success”

Conrad Trautmann, N2YCH , writes:

On Saturday, October 21, 2023 at 11 am, Parks On The Air activators in Connecticut met on 40 meters SSB for the state’s second “Park to Park” net. It was a huge success.

Rewind the timeline…I was on my quest to activate all parks/references in the state. I discovered one other amateur radio operator had already accomplished this, activating 136 parks in the state of Connecticut. That ham was Shawn, KC1NQE. I reached out and started a dialog and clearly, if he’d done it and I was on my way to completing it, there was no doubt about our passion for the Parks On The Air program. We had a lot in common. Add Peter, K1PCN, who is also attempting to activate all references and is also the President of the Greater Bridgeport Amateur Radio Club and we had the core group that officially started up the CT-POTA email distribution list. image


With the three of us as the first members of the group at the end of August, we began spreading the word through various channels. We shared the group URL with the ham radio clubs in the state: Greater Bridgeport ARC, Candlewood ARA, Woodmont ARA, MARC, FARA, Greater Norwalk ARC and others. I sent email invitations to top activators at Connecticut parks. We posted about the group on social media and met up with people at hamfests. And now, we’re up to 47 members. That’s in just shy of two months. Quickly, we’ve discovered others who are also on the quest to activate all references in Connecticut and are as passionate about POTA as we are.

Rewind a little further… Shawn, KC1NQE, had organized a park to park net via the POTA discord channel on Summer Support Your Parks Weekend in 2022. It worked out well and we wanted to try this again. We announced the net on the new group and instructed operators to email Shawn with the parks they planned to be at Saturday morning and also to share their cell phone numbers with him. On Friday night, Shawn posted the list to the channel so all of the operators could see who else would be participating. Shawn created a text group of the operators who signed up and on Saturday morning, searched for a frequency on 40 meters to meet up on and texted it out to the group. In addition to this being Support Your Parks Weekend, it was also the Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) weekend, so the bands were busy.

Shawn acted as net control, but with a twist. Once he had made contact with all of the stations on the list and any late check-ins, he handed over net control to me. Since we’d already made our contact, I called for stations below me on the list and once done, handed net control to Peter, K1PCN. As you can see, the further down the list you go, the fewer contacts need to be made eventually with the last person likely not having to call anyone, since they’ve already QSO’d with everyone above them on the list. It was the ultimate in getting park to park contacts since we were all out at parks in the state.

N2YCH’s POTA setup at K-1684, Indian Well State Park using an Icom IC-7300 and a Sotabeams Bandhopper III linked dipole.


In the end, we had about 20 participants and virtually everyone could hear everyone else from one end of the state to the other. Towards the very end of our net, we began experiencing some QRM from a JOTA station that went on the air 1 Mhz down from our frequency position and a few operators missed a few park to park contacts. We have some ideas for our next net on ways to speed things up and move through the list more efficiently, but in the end, our idea worked out well.

The day didn’t end there. We planned a meet up at a park that is in the middle of the state, hoping that the trip for any operator within the state wouldn’t have a very long drive to get there. We met at K-1728, Wharton Brook State Park in Wallingford, Connecticut. There, the Meridan Amateur Radio Club brought out their emergency operations trailer and tents and tables. They set up an SSB station, a digital station and even a satellite station. Many of the operators from around the state did drive to the park and met each other in person. A number of students taking classes for their technician test and some newly licensed hams also came out to see what ham radio is all about.


GBARC CERT vehicle/trailer\ GBARC group photo


Before we wrapped up for the day, we did a round robin of park to park contacts on VHF and UHF. Surprisingly, some local hams heard us on the call channels and got in on the action and got a few park QSO’s for themselves. To get an idea of how the day went, Rob, N1NUG, recorded a video of his experience which you can watch at

If you’re into parks on the air and live  in the state of Connecticut, please apply for membership in the CT-POTA group on The group is active and we’ll announce future CT POTA events and meet ups on the list.

Just a Few More Days Left to Contact W1AW/1 in Massachusetts VOTA!

VOTA logoLarry Krainson, W1AST, 2023 ARRL Massachusetts VOTA State Manager writes:

The ARRL Massachusetts VOTA fall operating week is on the air for the second and last time through Tuesday, November 7. If you want to work W1AW/1 in Massachusetts then monitor the spotting networks and work the volunteer stations soon!

Thank you,

Larry, W1AST
ARRL WMA Affiliated Club Coordinator
HCRA President
Visit my Ham Radio club website at:
Team K2H – 13 Colonies Massachusetts State Manager
2023 ARRL VOTA Massachusetts State Manager
Project Big E 2022 & 2023 Organizer
Proud Member of ARRL, FCARC & YCCC

CT Support Your Parks Weekend, October 21-22, 2023

Peter Cimino, K1PCN, writes on the Greater Bridgeport (CT) ARC mailing list:

This is the POTA Fall Support Your Parks weekend and CT activators will be out in numbers and activation. There will a POTA meetup at Wharton Brook State Park in North Haven (see flyer) and more info on the CT POTA ( page.

If you are activating, then register. There will be a point-to-point CT net at 11 am.

Hope to hear you on the air.

CT Support Your Parks Weekend flyer Oct. 21-22, 2023

New York QSO Party, October 21-22, 2023

Map of NY state countiesKen Boasi, N2ZN, writes:

New York QSO Party 2023 – Our 15th Year!
On Saturday, October 21st (at 1400z), the 15th annual NY QSO Party will take place.  Come celebrate our 15th anniversary on the air with us.
Since the NYQP restart in 2009, we have experienced tremendous growth, not only in the number of entries, but also the total activity (QSO’s made) on a year-over-year basis.  The 2023 event will be no different, with a great set of awards for all entry categories, plus special rookie and youth awards as well.
Our mobiles and portable stations will take to the roads and fields to activate all of the 62 NY counties once again, with pileups sure to follow.  Will 2023 be the year that someone finally works a County Sweep?  Some have been close, but no operator has yet to achieve a sweep.  With high activity and great propagation due to enhanced sunspots, this may be the year!
Plan to join us, starting at 1400z Saturday until 0200z Sunday, on all bands, including VHF.  The full rules (updated for 2023), results from previous years, county data, planned activations and more can be found at
See you all in a week and a half!
73, Ken N2ZN (NYQP Co-Coordinator)

Solar Eclipse QSO Party, Gladstone Signal Spotting Challenge to Coincide with Solar Eclipse, October 12, 2023

HamSCI Festivals of Eclipse Ionospheric Science logo


Gary Mikitin, AF8A <> writes on the HamSCI mailing list on October 7, 2023

Greetings, solar eclipse enthusiasts – Perhaps no reminders are needed, but just to be safe, here goes:  

The Solar Eclipse QSO Party and the Gladstone Signal Spotting Challenge will be held in ~1 week.  Both commence at 1200UTC on 14 October and continue for 12 hours, until 2200UTC.
Both rule pages (SEQP and GSSC) have been updated with log submission and entry details.  
  • An email address for bonus point file submissions has been added to both
  • The GSSC entry form, at the end of the rules page, is ready for post-contest use. 
  • The SEQP log submission robot will accept both Cabrillo and ADIF file types – which should be popular with FT4/8 operators
  • A Checklog entry category has been added to the SEQP.  Details below.
Annular Eclipse Saturday coincides with 4 popular state QSO parties (AZ, NV, SD and PA).  Some hams will choose to exclusively operate the state contests, and that’s fine.  If they are on the air, especially on CW or digital modes, their activity will add to the data collected by the automated receiving networks, a plus for HamSCI.  They may upload their AZ or NV or SD or PA logs as check logs using the SEQP robot and receive an SEQP participation certificate from HamSCI.
The SEQP log upload robot coding is almost complete – a link will be added to the SEQP rules just before the contest begins.
Questions?  Feel free to email them to the hamsci <at> hamsci <dot> org address.
73 de Gary, AF8A
HamSCI Amateur Radio Community Coordinator

Russian ARISS Team to Transmit SSTV, October 3-5, 2023

From October 3-5, 2023, the Russian team will do a test of   some replacement components for the transmission of SSTV from the ISS–note, this is not a fully operational system yet. Some  SSTV images will be downlinked from the ISS on 145.800 MHz.
A full set of images is not expected as with previous sessions. This is  not an ARISS SSTV event, but posting your images to  and giving SWL  reports will help to evaluate the test and are very welcome!
No ARISS SSTV awards will be given. A window may open at 1400 UTC  but start time for images is unclear.

“CQAF” AND New England Chowdercon, September 16, 2023

Carl Achin, WA1ZCQ, writes on the New England QRP mailing list:

“CQAF” (QRP-Afield) is always on the third Saturday in September [September 16]. The NEQRP Sprint/Contest Committee is now headed-up by Shirley Márquez Dúlcey, KE1L <>.

I’m sure there will be an update before this coming Saturday, September 16th, 2023.

Also “Chowdercon” will be held on the same date (this coming SATURDAY) on Four Tree Island New Hampshire, so listen for ” W 1 C ” (Whiskey One “C”howdercon) on all the QRP frequencies during the standard time of CQAF.

Thanks for your interest in QRP-Afield. See you down-the-log.

7 3 es 7 2 ,

“Carl Achin – WA1ZCQ” <>

K1W White Island (NH) State Park POTA and Lighthouse On the Air Event, September 16-25, 2023

K1W White Island, Rye NHFrom K1W website:

Special Expedition by the Port City Amateur Radio Club (W1WQM) for 2023

White Island, Isle of Shoals, Rye, NH

Operational (weather permitting) September 16 to September 25, 2023

NH QSO Party (Sept. 16 or 17)  Rockingham County (ROC) 1600Z to 2200Z  40 & 20 M SSB/CW


POTA K-8006 (White Island NH State Park & Historical Site)

Lighthouse ARLS USA 406


QSL via K1RX

Rhode Island QSO hunters – This is Your Week

RI POTA operationFrom

Starting today through Sunday (Sept 6-10, 2023) a collaborating team of about twenty POTA – Parks on the Air enthusiastic activators from across the country, region, and state are setting up their portable rigs across the 52 officially-recognized POTA parks.

Already this morning from just before 8 am until around Noon, I was able to hunt 12 unique parks across the SSB bands of 40m, 20m, 17m and 15m from my home QTH. I was logged by 11 unique operators, including Kerri Wright, KB3WAV (with over 170,000 POTA QSOs to her credit), as well as the NCRC organizer of this event, Jim Garman, KC1QDZ – taking a break from his farm between tomatoes and turnips.

POTA hunters, near and far, are encouraged to keep an eye on POTA Spotting and join the fun. It’s a great way to understand your band propagation and make progress on your POTA – Worked All RI award.

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