Candlewood ARA POTA Event, Lovers Leap State Park, New Milford CT, May 22, 2022

Map of Lovers Leap State ParkJohn G. Morelli, W1JGM, writes on the Candlewood ARA mailing list:
Members of the CARA club will be meeting Sunday May 22 around 9-9:30 AM at Lovers Leap State Park in New Milford, CT to activate K-1691.
There have been only 8 activations and 237 QSOs from the park, I made 1 and 42 QSOs  on 4/30/2022. It is an easy activation.
Again, let’s bring the newer members in and share the fun.
For those that will set up a station, I suggest you bring your portable radio set up, a small table & chair, a pop-up canopy, POTA signs, your logging equipment. As for lunch I suggest the we all bring a pot luck type lunch. I will bring a cooler with Ice, soda and water.  
Let have some fun.
Lovers Leap SP is off Still River Road off RT 7 & 202   Next to Sonic 
John G. Morelli (W1JGM)
VP Candlewood Amateur Radio Association (CARA)

Fox Hunt in Wallingford (CT), May 15, 2022

Dave Tipping, NZ1J, writes on ctfoxhunter on May 14, 2022:
We’ll have a live Fox Hunt on Sunday in Wallingford from 9:30 am until 11:00 am.

We’ll be using these three frequencies:  

There will be a 1 watt signal continuously on 146.565 MHz.  It will make a short beep every three seconds and will ID in Morse code every minute.

The 10 mW transmitter is on 147.475 MHz and will beep every three seconds and will ID in Morse Code every minute.

The 1 mW transmitter is on 146.290 MHz and beeps every three seconds.

There is no central starting location.  Other Fox Hunters can be contacted on the W1NRG repeater 147.360 with PL 162.2
Good luck.

Dave NZ1J

USS Nautilus N1S QRV for Museum Ships on the Air, Groton CT, June 3-5, 2022

USS NautilusHarrison Solt, N1FAM, writes on the Radio Amateur Society of Norwich (CT) mailing list:

Museum Ships Weekend is three weeks away.  It will take place from 8:00 PM local time Friday June 3rd until 8:00 PM local time Sunday June 5th.  At last update there are 75 Ships/Museums registered.  We are good to go at the Submarine Force Library & Museum on Crystal Lake Road in Groton, site of the Historic Ship USS NAUTILUS.  We will use the call sign N1S.  

We have permission to access the site for the entire event period.  We will set up canopies and antennas Thursday afternoon, June 2nd starting at 1:00 PM.  Set up will be around the picnic patio. 

During the event we will have four or five operating positions.  If you are available on Thursday your help in setting up is appreciated.  During the event, all are welcome to visit and operate.  

More up-dates will be posted as the event nears as well as any pending needs, we find we have regarding gear, support or whatever.  Your thoughts on how to enhance or improve our operation and event are encouraged, requested, and appreciated.


Foxbox Deployed, Bolton CT, May 9, 2022

Dan Thayer, W1CDT, writes on ctfoxhunter list:

Greetings fox hunters,

FB-3 has been deployed, as of 1430 hours, 05-09-22.

146.550 MHz Simplex

CTCSS 114.8 Hz

It is located somewhere to the East (or Northeast or Southeast)  of Bolton Notch, where I-384/Route 6/Route 44 all come together.

 The “tune” played when you activate it is different, but the CW ID is correct. (This will be corrected prior to the next deployment.)

As there is no starting point for finding the FB, it is recommended that as you go about your regular travels, you periodically try to activate the FB.

You may also try from home.

To try to activate the FB, set your radio to the 2 meter simplex frequency of 146.550 MHz, with a CTCSS of 114.8 Hz. Next, key your transmitter, ID and then send a DTMF “1”. Having done that, unkey your transmitter and listen.

If the FB can hear you (and you can hear it) you will hear its very distinctive sound.

It will transmit for 30 seconds, ID and then go back to sleep.

Once someone has been able to hear it, please report that general location to the other fox hunters, by replying to this message (This needn’t be a place where you can hear it very well, just a place from where it can be heard.

You can make it transmit as often as you find necessary to locate the FB.  

You do not actually have to touch the box to claim finding it.

FBs are located within 500 feet of a safe place to park. While unimproved (dirt) roads may be involved, they will be ones that are passable using a regular passenger car.

Dan, W1CDT 


Handiham QSO Party, April 29, 2022

Handiham 55th anniversary logoStarting on Friday:  April 29 at 1900 Z (3 PM Eastern Time), the Handiham organization will be holding a QSO Party to recognize the program’s 55th anniversary.  The QSO party will run through Sunday:  May 1 at 1900 Z.

The goal of this event is to make contacts with as many hams as possible, including Handiham members, and to publicize the work of the Handiham organization as it tries to make ham radio available to people with disabilities.

 All bands and modes will be used.

 The QSO party exchange will simply be callsign, name, and state.

If interested, you can receive a commemorative QSL card from Handihams, confirming your contact.

So, please look for participating Handiham members if you are interested.

Fox Hunt in Wallingford, CT, April 24, 2022

Shawn Warren, KC1NQE, writes on the ctfoxhunter list:
FIAB Sunday will start at 09:30 from Wallingford.
1FIAB, a 1W beacon on 145.7
3FIAB beacon, 12mW on 145.3
4FIAB will be available on 145.2 1W DTMF-1 as backup.
All will be shut down at 11:00 unless
Shawn Warren
KC1NQE – Keep Creating 1 New Quality Experience

Greater Bridgeport (CT) ARC Parks On The Air Operation, Osbornedale State Park, April 24, 2022

Osbornedale State Park directionsEmily Starbrook, N1DID, writes on the Greater Bridgeport ARC Wiki:

This Sunday [April 24, 2022] is our group Parks on the Air activity in Osbornedale State Park [in New Haven County, Connecticut].  The weather (and propagation) look to be ideal for this event and should be able to enjoy a full day of fun.  

If you haven’t signed up yet, please visit theSurveyMonkey survey so we know what to expect you to bring and do.  

We will operate in the upper pavilion.  There are picnic tables already there so there will be no real need for shelters or extra things such as chairs unless you want.  Lunch will be provided.


“Dedication to Elmers Special Event,” W1E, October 21-24, 2022

Rich Guerrera, KB1FGC, writes:

I am hosting a special event in October of this year. I hope to get my web page running later with more details about the event. The event is in honor of all mentors in ham radio and the goodwill that they bring to the hobby.

So far, I have five operators. I may add another call sign as I get more operators in the “1” call area. If you would like to help, that would be great!

I only need your .ADI files at the end of the event. There are no set times, and all operators can work on their own. At some point, I might set up something online like a live web page so no two operators are operating  too close to one another. Slack is one such site; the 13 Colonies event uses it. I haven’t worked that out yet.

Also, if anyone wants to help out with a web page that would be great. I have minimal skills but am figuring it out slowly. I don’t expect anyone to design a page for me but any experience that you may provide would help. 

The details are below:

Time: 10/21-10/24,  2022
Name of event: “Dedication to  Elmers Special event”

Contact me at:


Thanks and 73,


Hampden County Radio Association Foxbox #1 Has Escaped its Den and is Ready For a Springtime Fox Hunt

Ken Dion, KD1KU, writes on the WMAFoxHunters mailing list on April 15, 2022:

As of 4 pm, Friday, April 15th, HCRA Foxbox #1 is back in hiding! The weather has drastically improved and it’s the perfect time for a Springtime Fox Hunt! This is also a good opportunity for base stations to give signal reports and a direction if possible. It’s just as important for the hunters to know where it cannot be heard too.

That diabolical fox is running the usual one watt into an 18 inch antenna. I was able to activate it running 50 watts from my mobile in Chicopee near the intersection of Memorial Drive (Rte.33) and Pendleton Ave.

You can activate the fox by going on the 2-meter simplex frequency of 147.55 MHz (PL 100.0Hz), key your transmitter, identify yourself with your callsign, and then press the DTMF “1”.

If the Fox can hear you and you can hear it, you will hear its very distinctive sound. It will transmit for 30 seconds, ID, then repeat 2 more times and then go back to sleep. You can make it transmit as often as necessary to find it.

Do not reveal its location, just a location (and direction if possible) from which you are able to hear it. This then becomes a starting point for the other fox hunters to use.

You do not have to touch the Foxbox to claim finding it. Eyeball contact is sufficient and a photo that shows the Fox is a plus. It is located less than 500 feet from a safe parking location.

Announce it here and on that you’ve found it with any comments you may have other than its exact location. Please take a photo of the fox box and post the pic and any comments to announce that you have found the fox. Do not give away its location in the picture!

It’s in a publicly accessible location with safe parking nearby. Getting to the FB requires a short walk on mostly flat ground.

Happy Fox Hunting!

73, Ken ~ KD1KU
Zero Beat Editor
Join Hampden County Radio Association

New England QSO Party, May 7-8, 2022

Paul Gayet, AA1SU, writes on the Vermont ARRL Members List:

Here is a message from Tom Frenaye K1KI about the upcoming New England QSO Party.  Below that, I have added some of my own notes.

The New England QSO Party on May 7th and 8th is a great time to check out antenna systems and offers a moderately paced opportunity to work new states and countries. You’ll find a wide variety of participants, from newcomers to experienced contesters, all interested in making contacts with New England stations.

Our goal is to get every one of the 67 counties in New England on the air so we hope you will encourage your friends to join in the fun! Even if you can join the fun for a couple of hours, we’d appreciate it! Will you be QRV? Let us know with a message to

The New England QSO Party is 20 hours long overall, in two sections with a civilized break for sleep on Saturday night.  It runs from 4 pm Saturday until 1 am Sunday, then 9 am Sunday until 8 pm Sunday.  Operate on CW, SSB and/or digital modes on 80-40-20-15-10 meters.  For each QSO you’ll give your callsign, a signal report and your county/state.  Top scorers can earn a plaque and everyone who sends in a log with 25 or more QSOs will get a certificate.  The goal is to work stations anywhere in the world – and their goal is to work New England stations, so you’ll be very popular!

Last year we had logs from 947 stations from around the country and world. 

The full rules are here ->

The full 2021 results were posted a couple of weeks ago –

It’s just three weeks until the 2022 NEQP.  Please get on and make some QSOs even if you don’t want to send in a log!


73 Tom/K1KI

There will be 3 other QSO Parties going on this weekend at varying times.  They are Indiana, Delaware, and the 7QP.  The 7QP is similar to the NEQP in that all the states in seven land will be on the air.

If you are using N1MM+ to log the contest, choose ‘QSO Party’ from the list, then ‘NEWE’ from the drop down box.  The advantage to using N1MM+ is that is will score these other 3 contests for you.  In the Exchange Box, enter exactly what the station sends you.  When the tests are over, you simply send the same Cabrillo file to each log checker, and they will score it for you.

ARRL Vermont Section
Section Manager: Paul N Gayet, AA1SU