Burlington (VT) ARC Members Activate Sand Bar State Park (K-3140), Milton, VT, July 31, 2021

POTA Activation, Sand Bar State Park, Milton VT 7/31/21Ed, W1OKH, writes on the Burlington ARC Facebook page:
Bob, K1BIF activated POTA (Parks on the Air) this past Saturday, July 31st from 10:00 until late afternoon at the Sandbar State Park in Milton, VT. Carl, AB1DD assisted along with several visiting hams including KB1FRW, W1FP, W1HRG and myself. Operation started on 20 Meter SSB but then switched to 40 meters due to poor conditions. Here is the link to Bob’s video of the POTA event which was a lot of fun. Hopefully we can do more of these going forward.
Ed / W1OKH
73 de BARC

Tally Ho! A Fox is Loose in Bedford, NH Vicinity, July 31, 2021

Al Grant, KB1HYL, writes on the Granite State ARA mailing list at 11:44 AM on July 31, 2021:

Just to let you know, the fox is loose.  Since the power output is so low (15 milliwatts) and not easy to receive with an omnidirectional antenna, I’ll tell you that the fox is somewhere in Earl Legacy Park in Bedford, NH.

Sorry it took me so long to get started today, but the fox will be loose until about 6 or 7 Sunday afternoon.  I’ll get more efficient as I do this more often.


Wayne – KB1HYL

Fox is Hiding in the Manchester, CT Vicinity, July 30, 2021

Rod Bungard, N1RUU, writes on the ctfoxhunter list at 5:21 PM on July 30, 2021:

Greetings Fox hunters,
Fox #5 PL 123.0
Is out hiding, the fox is running 1.5 watts into a 18 inch antenna. Since there is no starting place for finding the hidden transmitter, all you can do is while going about your travels, periodically try to activate the hidden transmitter. Your first try may be from home. You do this by going on the 2 meter simplex frequency of 146.550 MHz (PL 123.0), key your transmitter, ID and then send a DTMF “1”. If the FoxBox can hear you and you can hear it, you will hear its very distinctive sound. It will transmit for 30 seconds, ID and then go back to sleep. You can make it transmit as often as necessary to find it.

Once someone has been able to bring it up and hear it, please report that information to the other fox hunters. Feel free to reply to the group. Do not reveal its location, just a location (and direction if possible) from which you are able to hear it. This then becomes a starting point for the other fox hunters to use.

You do not actually have to touch the box to claim finding it. If you hunt the Fox please log to this group even if you don’t find it.

Hint: Can be heard from Lowe’s in Manchester. Location, after you find the box look at the Sassafras growing in the area.  The plants have different shaped leaves on the same plant.

Good luck.


St. Albans ARC Hamfest, August 7, 2021

Paul Gayet, AA1SU, writes on the Vermont ARRL Members Only list:

I would like to invite you to the St Albans Amateur Radio Club (STARC) Hamfest on Saturday, August 7 from 8 AM to Noon.  It will be held at the VFW on 335 Lake Street in St Albans.  Admission is $5.  This includes buyers, tailgaters, or inside sellers.  Under 18 years old is free admission.

There will also be Ham Radio License testing at 9 AM.  Bring $15 cash, FRN from the FCC, and email your address.

The talk-in repeater will be 145.230 -100 Hz.

Here is a link to the official flyer: https://www.starc.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/STARC-Hamfest-2021-scaled.jpg

After the Hamfest, you are invited to the Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont (RANV) summer picnic.  This is just down the road at Kamp Kill Kare State Park in St Albans Bay.  RANV pays the admission.  Just tell the Ranger you are with the Ham Radio people, and he/she will point the way.  The club will supply some drinks and charcoal.  You bring your own food and bathing suit (optional).  The hours are from 11 AM to 3 PM.

Getting to the park is fairly easy.  You just stay on the same road as the VFW, and head towards the lake (2.5 miles?).  At the lake, the road turns right.  Go north for 0.7 miles. After the small bridge turn left on Hathaway Point Road.  Go 3 miles down the curvy road to the park entrance.

I hope to see you there.

ARRL Vermont Section
Section Manager: Paul N Gayet, AA1SU

VJ Day Parade, Moosup, CT, August 8, 2021

Tim Rodgers, KC1TWR, writes on the RASON and TriCityARC mailing lists:

For those available Sunday August 8th late morning and early afternoon who would like to help ECARA out with the VJ Parade on Moosup. 

Volunteers should be on post by 11:00 AM. Parade steps off at 1 PM sharp. It’s usually clear by 3:30. Most posts consist of being on a side street where a division steps off and providing assistance and comms to the parade committee volunteer on post.  Most of the radio traffic consists of a call to net control to find out where someone is supposed to stage for the parade.
Contact  John Szamocki at szamocki@charter.net

———- Forwarded message ———
From: John Szamocki <szamocki@charter.net>
Date: Mon, Jul 26, 2021 at 12:43 PM
Subject: [ecara] VJ Day Parade
To: ECARA Reflector <ecara-reflector@groups.io>

Hello All. I know it’s short notice but we need radio ops to cover the VJ Day Parade route in Moosup, Ct on Sunday August 8, 2021. We are looking for a total of 8 volunteers to assist with the parade. Please email me ASAP if you. Can help with this.

John Szamocki K1CSP
ECARA President

HamXposition Update

HamXposition logoOnly 5 1/2 weeks to HamXposition 2021: September 10, 11 & 12  at the Best Western in Marlborough!

Hotel rooms are still available at the discounted rate of $99.  Contact the hotel on their local phone number (508)  460-0700 and tell them you want the HamXposition rate.

We are still in need of volunteers to assist with parking, ticketing, and the logistics involved with keeping our forums on schedule.  Volunteers working at least one 2-hour shift will receive free admission.  You can volunteer at https://hamxposition.org/volunteer

General Admission Tickets are now available retail at Ham Radio Outlet in Salem, NH and at Electronics Plus in Littleton, MA

Online ticketing is almost ready – stay tuned for an announcement when it goes live.


Nashua Area Radio Society is proud to once again offer Ham Bootcamp. It includes a series of demonstrations and tutorials designed to help newly licensed Technician, General, and Extra class license holders get on the air and use their amateur radio license. Bootcamp is also a great opportunity for prospective Hams who are interested in seeing what the hobby has to offer.

Ham Bootcamp activities are geared towards Technicians and prospective Hams and General class licenses and higher Hams. Bootcamp participants will find all of this material interesting and fun no matter what their focus or license level.

The Bootcamp program is available to all licensed and prospective Hams. You can register for the Friday, September 10 Ham Bootcamp session at HamXposition by visiting <https://www.n1fd.org/ham-bootcamp/>.


Bill Poulin, WZ1L, and members of the Cape Ann ARA will once again offer “Tech in a Day” at HamXposition on Saturday, September 11, 2021.

This program has served the local community in getting newly excited people to become licensed amateurs. The program will run approximately 0800-1700. It concludes with a dedicated Volunteer Exam session.

Prospective candidates should purchase the ARRL Technician Class License Manual and read the manual before attending the class.  The book can be purchased at Ham Radio Outlet or the ARRL.

If you have any questions, contact Bill at (978) 504-9112 (Cell) or email <billpoulin01913@gmail.com>.


Complementing our Saturday programming, we’re pleased to host the ever-popular New England ARES Academy featuring workshops and talks aimed at getting you prepared and ready to face any EmComm situation. The program includes:

  • Intro to ARES
  • HF Propagation for EmComm
  • Getting Started with WinLink Express
  • SKYWARN Refresher
  • Tactical Message Handling
  • Lessons Learned from the “Big Ones”
  • Intro to NEBMS
  • Go-kit Strategies

ARES / Mesh Networking Training, August 4 & August 15, 2021

AREDN logoSteve Goldsmith, W1HS, writes on the Twin State Radio Club mailing list:

Good opportunity to learn about Mesh networking if anyone is interested.

Hello All,

Greater Manchester ARES invites other ARES groups to participate in mesh network training.

The first session is a zoom meeting on Wednesday, August 4th from 6:30 to 8:00pm. The second session is hands-on training in Goffstown on Sunday, August 15th, 9am to noon.

The Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN – arednmesh.org) provides customized mesh software that can be flashed to commercial wifi routers, primarily in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands that are shared according to FCC Part 15 and Part 97 rules.

The AREDN software functions as a digital network with and without internet availability. Greater Manchester has had 5GHz nodes at Elliot Hospital and Catholic Medical Center operating continuously for 2 years. A node at the Manchester EOC was added recently. The Greater Manchester network supports email, chat, file transfer, and VOIP telephone services.

Training in August will focus on understanding how to access an AREDN network over dedicated wifi, exchanging email with Winlink Express over the network, and using the chat and simple file transfer capability built into the 5GHz routers.

Participants will use their own laptop computers with wifi capability, and with an installed browser and Winlink Express. The zoom meeting on August 4th will focus on introducing mesh networking, and configuring participant laptops for the hands-on exercise.

Those who plan to participate in the hands-on exercise should attend the zoom meting. Others interested in an introduction to AREDN mesh networks are also welcome to join the zoom meeting.

Please let me know who should be on a mailing list for additional information. I am sending this to a couple of email lists, so apologies in advance to those who receive multiple copies. Feel free to share with others. The more the merrier!


k1ehz -at- arrl -dot- net