Youth and STEM Outreach

Welcome to the New England Division Youth and STEM Outreach program.

Our focus is assuring new and existing Youth in Ham Radio are supported in ways that allow for learning, exploring, demonstrating, and experiencing many diverse focuses within Ham Radio and STEM Technologies.

  • Ham Radio Club W1HLO High School members

    Connect needs for youth with appropriate sources of learning, funding, and meeting locations.

  • FCC Amateur Radio license information.
  • Facilitating and pursuing training and license prep with trained mentors, ham clubs, and STEM programs.
  • Point of contact for all youth activities and Ham Radio involvement within New England.


BigE Space Chat – Springfield, MA (Eastern States Exposition)

Upcoming ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) Live stream contact with the ISS.


Dates: Friday, September 16th through Sunday, October 2nd 2022

  • Plan a club day and sign up for one session or the whole day!
  • Sign up individually for days you are available
  • Join with friends to be at the booth
  • Operate the Special Event Station – N1E from the booth 
  • Morning sessions are 6 hours and run 9:30 am to 4:00 pm
  • Afternoon sessions are 6 hours and run 3:30 pm through 10:00 pm 
  • Volunteer for the whole day, 9:30 am through 10:00 pm 
  • The option to stay with a host family closer to the Big E vs driving a long distance to home 
  • Two host families so far with 6 available beds (more if you want to camp outside in a big tent) 

Why do a booth: To help clubs in New England grow by bringing in new people that want to become hams.  All clubs need new members to stay strong and to build a future. 

 The Booth: 

  • To showcase modern ham radio to the public 
  • To interest the public in signing up for more information and ham classes 
  • This list will then be first distributed to the clubs that participate in the Big E Booth. They will have priority in receiving interested parties near them. 
  • It will then be up to that club to hold a ham radio class and issue testing 
  • New hams from these tests are a natural to join the club that helped them get their license 
  • Adding new hams to the club ranks to move the club into the future 

Demonstrations of :

  • kit building – appealing to the growing maker community (various forms from parts to the completed project) 
  • Raspberry Pi and what it can do 
  • STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) learning and how it connects to ham radio and an ARISS contact from the Big E for home schooled students with New England Sci-Tech (school) 
  • Morse Code 
  • DX – Work the World through ham radio 

Further Questions? Contact Larry, W1AST at W1AST at 

BIG E Space Chat Leadership Team

Info on Eastern Mass (EMA) section youth…

July 13, 2022 We combined the Mentoring and New Ham development and Youth and STEM Outreach groups for an online meeting to give updates in our areas.

Here is the recorded video:


Are you interested in learning more?  Do you have a Ham Radio club needing to grow its youth program?

Please contact

Dan Norman NØHF

Assistant Division Director, ARRL

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