Head of the Charles Public Regatta, Boston/Cambridge, October 23-24, 2021

Jim Palmer, KB1KQW, writes on Facebook:

Back at it again today [10/23] and tomorrow [10/24] for the 2021 edition of the Head of the Charles Regatta. Working in the Massachusetts State Police Command Post/Unified Command Center again this year as the Emergency Services Liaison for Amateur Radio. Hoping for another great and safe event this year – and good to be back in the seat and see everyone again after skipping last year. At least for this event I can “sleep in” a bit with a 6 am start time instead of 5 am for the marathon lol.

Naval Sub Base K1SSN Update

USS NautilusHarrison Solt, N1FAM, writes on the Radio Amateur Society of Norwich (CT) mailing list:

I recently toured the MARS/K1SSN shack on the Subbase [in Groton, CT] with the MARS Team (Ted, K1YON and Bob, N2XN).  Trustee Rich Courtney, N9HL, and Dick, KF6UF, were also on site.  While the shack is serviced by a very robust antenna farm it has sparse gear.  There is a Kenwood TS-440S HF transceiver.  There is also an external power supply and a MFJ tuner.  The shack needs gear.  Some solid-state gear, even vintage solid-state gear, would be nice.  Also needed is a computer with a logging program.

The MARS team and the Trustee are trying to involve and work with the Base to rebuild the station.  But reconstitution of the Base shack and eventually a Base Ham Club will require help.  They have reached out to the Base command structure and hope to involve the MWR office and Emergency Command Center as allies in moving things along.  Right now, the goal is to establish a solid presence and a viable operating station for Hams stationed on or near the Base.

The purpose of this post is to update you on this project and seek individual and organizational support, be it in word or deed, to support the effort.  I.E.  Many times, individually or organizationally we come into gear via Ham estates or through upgrade of personal or club shacks.  When this happens consider offering any excess gear and equipment to the K1SSN shack.  Help from local Hams and Clubs can go far to get K1SSN up and running again.  Plus, local organizational support and involvement can result in new members for one or more of the local Clubs.  Let us all be Elmers and help when and where we can.  The Trustee Rich can be reached at rcourtney@mars-mil.us.  MARS lead Ted can be reached at k1yon@juno.com.

[See also: K1SSN Sub Base Radio Station Needs Help]

Technician License Training Course Added to ARRL’s YouTube Channel

ARRL’s YouTube channel, ARRLHQ, has launched a series of amateur radio Technician-class license courses. This series of videos features Dave Casler, KE0OG, QST’s “Ask Dave” columnist, who leads viewers through The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual. These videos supplement the manual and provide an overview of the sections you’ll be studying, along with a few videos on how things work. Share this excellent resource with those who are preparing to take their Technician exam, and visit the ARRLHQ YouTube channel for more great amateur radio videos.

Hampden County (MA) Radio Association Halloween Fox Hunt, October 31, 2021

Hampden Co RA logoLarry Krainson, W1AST, writes on the HCRA mailing list:

We’re having a fox hunt. The old fashioned way. With a person hiding as the fox and transmitting one minute out of every 5 minutes.

Reserve Sunday morning, October 31st at 10:00 AM.

Chris, W1TRK, is the fox.

The hunt will end at 12:00 noon.

We will be hunting on the 146.715, (PL 100.0) KB1AEV repeater located on the Soldiers Home in Holyoke.

The hunters will hunt on the input at 146.115 for the fox.

This is a great fun way to get your kids and grandkids involved. Whether you hunt in a group or by yourself, it’s a ton of fun.

Base stations are invited to give bearings and signal reports to help the mobile hunters too.

The starting point will be announced soon.

I hope to see you out there hunting!


Larry, W1AST
HCRA President

Greater Bridgeport (CT) ARC Combined SET, JOTA & POTA for Fun-Filled Weekend

Greater Bridgeport ARC loogo

Members of the Greater Bridgeport Amateur Radio Club combined the best of a Simulated Emergency Test (SET), Jamboree On The Air (JOTA), and Parks On The Air (POTA), while operating from three state parks on October 16, 2021: 

  • Sherwood Island SP (Park K-1715)
  • Silver Sands SP (Park K-1716)
  • West Rock SP (Park K-1727) (2 stations)

“Our goal [was] to provide community outreach for ham radio, and to help train our new operators,” explained GBARC president Emily Clarke, N1DID.   

During the POTA Event the groups also participated in the CT ARES SET using simplex VHF/UHF as well as DMR.

“I wanted to do the SET from a distance away from our ARES region (Region 1)  so we could simulate simplex communications outside our region.   I was in Region 2, and all our other stations were in CT State Parks in Region 1 or were mobile enroute.  After the SET we turned our attention to our main reason for being in the park, our POTA event,” says Clarke.
According to N1DID, the JOTA contact wasn’t actually planned. 
“We were doing HF communications for POTA when a huge troop of Scouts walked by.  We asked, ‘Does anyone want to learn about ham radio?’ and they all ran and formed a very disciplined semi-circle around us.  I gave them an explanation about HF communications, then gave a short talk explaining how we and other radio amateurs were active on the air promoting our beautiful state parks.”
“We gave additional information about emergency communications. how parents and even scouts can get their technician licenses, and about how they can reach out to local clubs for help with their radio merit badge.  
Clarke and her group took  questions from the kids and parents and got a big thank you.  Clarke encouraged them to reach out to the club in the future. “Afterwards the Scout leader came up and took my email address and said ‘I always wanted to do this.’”
Although N1DID and the other GBARC members got to interact with the public at the other parks “The 40+ Scouts and parents we met  was the icing on the cake of a wonderful day in the park.”
Scouts at GBARC POTA event
Scouts visiting Greater Bridgeport ARC Parks On The Air event

2022 ARRL Foundation Scholarship Program Will Open on November 1, 2021

ARRL Foundation logoApplications for the 2022 ARRL Foundation Scholarship Program will open on November 1, 2021. More than 100 scholarships ranging from $500 to $25,000 will be awarded in 2022. Scholarship recipients will be notified in May 2022 via USPS mail and email.

All applicants must be active, FCC-licensed amateur radio operators [NOTE: Active foreign amateur radio operators are eligible for the ARDC Scholarships]. All applicants must submit a completed online application.

NEW THIS YEAR: The ARRL Foundation will be utilizing a new Scholarship Management Platform for the 2022 ARRL Foundation Scholarships. Transcripts and any additional required documents must be submitted WITH the application and not emailed separately as was done in the past. A number of scholarships require additional documents, such as a letter of recommendation from a sitting Officer of an ARRL-affiliated club. Applications without accompanying transcripts and additional required documents (if applicable) will not be considered.

The ARRL Foundation Scholarship Committee will review all applicants for eligibility and award decisions. 

How to establish an ARRL Foundation Scholarship: 

Individuals, groups or clubs wishing to establish an ARRL Foundation Scholarship should go to the Sample Terms of Reference.  If more information is needed, please contact the ARRL Foundation by email at foundation@arrl.org or call Melissa Stemmer, KA7CLO, at 860-594-0348.