WX4NHC Will Be On The Air for Annual Communications Test, May 28, 2022

WX4NHC logoWX4NHC will be On-The-Air for the Annual Communications Test

Saturday, May 28th , 2022 from 9AM- 5 PM EDT ( 1300z- 2100z)

This is our 42nd year of public service at the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

The purpose of this event is to test WX4NHC Amateur Radio Equipment and Antennas at NHC as well as operator’s home equipment, antennas and computers prior to this year’s hurricane season, which starts June 1st and runs through November 30th. This event is good practice for ham radio operators worldwide to practice Amateur Radio communications available during times of severe weather.

We will be making brief contacts on many frequencies and modes, exchanging signal reports and basic weather data exchange (sunny, rain, temperature, etc.) with any station in any location. WX4NHC will be on the air on HF, VHF, UHF, 2 & 30 meter APRS and WinLink wx4nhc@winlink.org subject must contain //WL2K.

We will try to stay on the Hurricane Watch Net frequency 14.325 MHz most of the time. Also 7.268 MHz depending on propagation. However, we will be operating different frequencies depending on QRM. You may be able to find us on HF by using one of the DX spotting networks, such as the DX Summit Web Site: http://www.dxsummit.fi/Search.aspx 

We will also be on VoIP Hurricane Net 4pm-5pm EDT (2000-2100z)

(IRLP node 9219 / EchoLink WX-TALK Conference node 7203). http://www.voipwx.net/

WX4NHC will also make a few contacts on local VHF and UHF repeaters as well as Florida Statewide SARNET system to test our station equipment.

QSL Cards are available via WD4R. Please send your card with a S.A.S.E. Please do NOT send QSLs directly to the Hurricane Center address, as it will get delayed.

Due to security measures and COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic:  NO VISITORS will be allowed entry to NHC.

For more information about WX4NHC, please visit our website www.wx4nhc.org

Thank you for your participation in the WX4NHC Annual Station Test event.

73, Julio – WX4NHC/WD4R

 Julio Ripoll Architect WD4R
 WX4NHC Amateur Radio Asst. Coordinator
 Celebrating 42 years at the
 National Hurricane Center

Department of Defense Zoominar for Communications Exercise, April 21, 2022

Tom Kinahan writes:

On Thursday 21 April at 8 pm ET representatives from the US Army Network Enterprise Technology Command will give an unclassified presentation to review the concept of the upcoming DoD Exercise 22-2 which will take place from 2-7 May.

Army representatives will briefly describe the concept of the exercise and how amateurs and Auxiliary communications personnel can participate in this training event.

Zoom info:


For more information connect to:


Tom Kinahan

US Army Military Auxiliary Radio System
Region One Director
aaa1rd at usamars.us

NE-ECAPS Group Meeting, April 14, 2022

Cory Golob, KU1U, writes:

The New England EmComm & Public Service Group will hold an online meeting on April 14, 2022 from 7:30 – 9:00 PM ET. 


NTS Discussion (45 minutes):

  • Formation of “The Future of NTS” Team – Marcia Forde KW1U
  • Opportunity to gather input for the Future of NTS Team
  • Army MARS Traffic Handling update? – Charles Rocheleau, W1CPR & Steve Hansen, KB1TCE? Could either or both of you speak to this topic?

Other EMCOMM/Public Service Related Discussion (45 minutes):

  • Reminder of Working Group Meeting: Training Programs for New Hams in EMCOMM/Public Service – Rob Macedo, KD1CY
  • Discussion on 2022 Simulated Emergency Test plans (Have Sections started planning?) – Open Forum
  • Places for improvement on Public Service Events (do any sections need assistance in any areas for Public Service related events?) – Open Forum


[Contact Cory Golob for Zoom invite details.]

73 DE KU1U
Cory Golob <ku1u@nediv.arrl.org>
ARRL New England Assistant Director, EMCOMM and Public Service

Western MA Emergency Net Looking for Net Control Stations

Danny Vierno, K1VWQ, writes on the Mt. Tom ARA Facebook page:
Our very own Western Mass Emergency Net, under ARES, is still looking for Net Control Operators sponsored by the ARRL heard right here on the W1TOM repeater system.
If you like checking into these nets, and would like to have them continue, please consider being a NCS. Your community and fellow ham will be glad you did.
Here is a wonderful video to help get you started if you do have an interest. Please let us know here, and we will get you in contact with the right people to get started.
73 de K1VWQ

Amateur Radio EmComm in the Azores

RSGB logoFrom the Radio Society of Great Britain:

Emergency comms in the Azores
GB2RS News Team | March 25, 2022

The island of Sao Jorge in the Azores has suffered over 1,800 earthquakes in 48 hours.

The regional government has prepared contingency plans to protect the island’s population.

CT1END, the Emergency Communications Coordinator for Portugal, reports that a group of nine radio amateurs are working to support emergency communications locally and back to Portugal.

Radio amateurs are asked to steer clear of 3.75 to 3.76MHz overnight, 7.1 to 7.11MHz during the day, and around 14.300MHz for those amateurs outside the region.

All radio amateurs are encouraged to listen carefully and avoid causing any interference to emergency operations on those frequencies.

More details are available on the IARU Region 1 website.

Spring 2022 Boston/Norton SKYWARN Training Sessions

SKYWARN logoRob Macedo, KD1CY, writes on wx1box.org:

Due to COVID-19 concerns, SKYWARN training classes will again be held virtually. The SKYWARN training sessions will occur on three weeknights and two weekends. The weeknight sessions will be taught by NWS forecasters and the weekend sessions taught by amateur radio operators.

Dates and registration information can be seen at the following link:

NWS Boston/Norton virtual SKYWARN training dates and registration information link:

All are welcome to attend the training sessions. Those that are interested in becoming a SKYWARN Spotter or existing spotters refreshing their SKYWARN training can take an optional quiz and that will get a new individual their SKYWARN spotter number and count as refreshing your training for existing spotters.

We hope many can attend these training sessions. Thanks to all for their continued support of the NWS Boston/Norton SKYWARN program.

WMA ARES Offering “Digital Modes” Training

WMA ARES logoFrom wma.arrl.org:

If you are interested in attending online Zoom training for digital communication modes… WinLink, FLDigi or JS8Call … please fill in the information below and submit the form using the button provided.

Indicate your mode(s) of interest by checking the appropriate boxes, being sure to provide the additional information requested as this enables us to easily contact you directly with an introductory email and instructions on how to obtain the reference manuals available for each mode.  Ongoing scheduling information will be provided via email and on the WMA website under the Emergency Communications header:     wma.arrl.org

We will establish classes and dates shortly … most likely two classes will be required – an introduction and familiarizing with the mode relative to the training document and Q&A for the first session. The second session will be a live Zoom session with the instructor’s screen displayed to allow students to try some aspects of the software and see the results from a receiving perspective. If additional assistance is needed, we will be glad to setup one on one mentoring for the specific application with you. Finally, we will offer training nets to allow you to experience using these tools live – locally at first and then potentially joining existing regional nets.

All are welcome; you’re not required to live in Western Massachusetts.

[Full story and signup form]

Youth Preparedness Council Applicants Sought

Youth Preparedness Council videoThe Youth Preparedness Council (YPC) was created in 2012 to bring together youth leaders interested in supporting disaster preparedness and making a difference in their communities by completing disaster preparedness projects nationally and locally.

The council supports FEMA’s commitment to involve America’s youth in preparedness-related activities. It also provides young people an opportunity to present their perspectives, feedback, and opinions to FEMA staff.  Members regularly meet with staff and attend the annual Youth Preparedness Council virtual summit. [Full story]

Major Northeast Winter Storm Prompts ARES, SKYWARN Activations

From ARRL Web:

02/04/2022 – Volunteer radio amateurs across New England got down to business over the final weekend in January, as a major winter storm and blizzard dropped up to several feet of snow in the face of hurricane-force wind gusts along the coast. The combination of wet snow and damaging winds felled trees and power lines in coastal portions of eastern Massachusetts, particularly in Cape Cod and the Islands, and caused minor-to-moderate coastal flooding at high tide. The record-breaking blizzard made the top 10 list of major snow events in the cities of Boston and Providence.  [Full story]