CT ARES Training Class Offerings

ARES logoConnecticut DEC Douglas Sharafanowich, WA1SFH, writes on the ct-ares mailing list:

HAPPY Thanksgiving Day. As you relax today, here is serious question to ask yourself…


GET ARES TRAINED (Registration info Below)

ARES has advanced into the 21st Century, and new skills and capabilities are required to meet the needs of the day.
As a result, ALL ARES members are now being requested to complete the national ARES Individual Operator Task Book: LEVEL 1 & LEVEL 2.
And, for those interested in Leadership positions, to complete LEVEL 3.

PRACTICAL Encouragement
In order to assist ARES members in meeting some of the KEY requirements and help be better prepared for a BLACK SKY event (i.e.; “The Next BIG ONE”), a series of FREE monthly Training Classes (on Saturdays) are being held in Region 2.

Training Classes being Offered (details below)
• Introduction to VHF Winlink (Part 1)……………. Dec. 2, 2023
• Introduction to VHF Winlink (Part 2)…………… Jan. 13, 2024
• Introduction to FEMA Message Forms…………. Feb. 3, 2024
• Introduction Net Control Station Operations…… March 2, 2024
• Introduction to HF Winlink……………………….. April 6, 2024

When: Saturday Mornings (8 am to 11.30 am)
Where: Various locations in Region 2

Training Classes (Details)
These classes include basic concepts, but more importantly also focus on helping you become functional in each area… IF YOU DO YOUR PART.

Introduction to VHF Winlink (Part 1)
Date: Dec. 2
Where: Guilford Fire Department
390 Church St., Guilford

In this Class you will learn about Winlink, How to Set-Up Winlink on your computer, and How to send messages via TELNET. You will also learn what you will need to bring with you to “PART 2” in order to send messages via RF using your VHF/UHF radio.

Your laptop/notebook computer (Windows preferred) with Winlink loaded onto it, a paper Notepad, pencils/pens

Introduction to VHF Winlink (Part 2)
Date: Jan. 13
Where: North Haven Fire Dept. Company #4
366 Washington Ave., North Haven

During this Class, you will connect your computer and radio to an antenna to send Packet Winlink messages over the air through a local WINLINK GATEWAY, and do Winlink P-2-P (Peer to Peer) messaging.

Your laptop/notebook computer, your VHF/UHF mobile radio (5-50 watts), 12v Power supply (Battery, or AC/DC with short ext. cord), connecting cables, Computer to Radio Interface: Terminal Node Controller (TNC), or a Sound Card Interface (SCI) with a TNC Emulator loaded on your computer, and a mag mounted VHF/UHF antenna with a metal pizza plate/baking plate, paper for notes, pencils/pens.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, best to tell Santa to bring you the gear you need for this class.

Introduction to FEMA Message Forms

Introduction to FEMA Forms
Date: Feb 3
Where: Quinnipiac Valley Health District
1151 Hartford Turnpike, North Haven

You need to know what Forms our “served agencies” are using, where to find them in Winlink and how to send them. During this class you will be introduced to the common forms that are in use, and send a few via TELNET.

Your laptop/notebook computer with Winlink loaded (and set-up), paper for notes, pencils/pens.

Introduction Net Control Station Operations
– Basic skills in running an efficient Net, plus tips for Staying Organized when the SHTF.
Date: March 2
Where: Quinnipiac Valley Health District
1151 Hartford Turnpike, North Haven

I have heard it said that in the USMC: ‘Every Marine a Rifleman’.

In ARES: Every ARES operator is a Net Control Station Operator

Imagine this:
One day, the situation will arise when you will be thrust into taking over a Communications Net as a Primary or Reliever Net Control Station operator.
– It will be at this exact moment that you will wish you had been at this class and taken advantage of periodically practicing the skills during CT ARES weekly Nets.
THIS IS IMPORTANT – Don’t miss it!

Your laptop/notebook Computer, a paper Notepad, pencils/pens

Introduction to HF Winlink
– You need to send Winlink messages, but no working VHF Winlink Gateway is nearby.
Date: April 6
Where: North Haven Fire Dept. Company #4
366 Washington Ave., North Haven

GOT General, Advanced, Extra license? Then, this class is for YOU!

In this class you will learn how to send HF Winlink messages successfully and practice sending a few over the air.

Your computer, connecting cables, a 100 watt HF radio, 12v Power Supply (Battery or AC/DC with ext. cord), a Sound Card Interface (SCI) if not built-in to the HF Radio, paper for Notes, pencils/pens.

HINT #2 (Repeat)
With Christmas rapidly approaching, best tell Santa bring you the gear you need for this class.

Bottom Line
If you are serious about getting the training you need to be effective in ARES, then you need to make the decision to do it.



* Reservations ARE Required
– If you just show up without a reservation, don’t expect that there will be space for you.

Please register using the Google Sheets document (link below).
Enter your information and put a “1” in each class you will attend.
(The program automatically SAVES your input. So, just close the page to exit.)
I will confirm you Reservations with a reply email.


73, Douglas Sharafanowich – WA1SFH
ARES District Emergency Coordinator (DEC)
Region 2 – Connecticut Section
email: wa1sfh “at” arrl “dit” net