Greater Bridgeport (CT) ARC Fox Hunt, April 11, 2022

Greater Bridgeport ARC loogoFrom <>:

[Sunday] is looking to be sunny and clear around 50F so we will hold our monthly fox hunt starting at 11am.  The fox hunt will cover Redding, Easton, Weston, Monroe, Shelton, Trumbull, and Fairfield.  The start time is 11am and with a hard end time of 2pm.

All members and non-members are invited to attend.  The purpose of the fox hunt is to track down a hidden transmitter called a Fox, and the sponsor who will be nearby. 

Recommended Starting Location:  Trumbull Mall in Trumbull

Fox Frequency:  147.485 MHz Simplex

Fox Power:  5W into a 5/8 wave antenna then into 5w into a 1/4 wave at 11:30, then dropping power to 1W at 12pm

Sponsors:  Shawn – NR1T

Check in on:  441.700 or 146.445 Repeaters by RF or Echolink to node 441700

En-Route Questions:  Contact Shawn by phone or repeater.

National Hurricane Conference Virtual Amateur Radio Workshop, April 11, 2022

On Monday 4/11/22, there will be the Virtual Amateur Radio Workshop for the 2022 National Hurricane Conference. The sessions will run between 1030 AM-1200 PM EDT, 130-300 PM EDT, and 330-500 PM EDT. The details on the presenters and presentation topics and Zoom dial-in details can be found here:
We will be recording the session and uploading it to YouTube as well. We look forward to seeing folks who can attend our virtual workshop.
73, Rob, KD1CY
Director of Operations for the VoIP Hurricane Net
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator & SKYWARN Coordinator

New Videos Posted on Mentoring and Ham Development Page

Anita Kemmerer, AB1QB, writes on ne-ham-dev:

The following Tech Night videos have been published to the Mentoring and Ham Development page on the website from the Nashua Area Radio Society.

  • Simple Wire Antennas
  • Popular Loggers: Ham Radio Deluxe and DXLab Suite
  • WSJT-X Setup and Use

If you have any similar videos that you would like to make available to new hams via the Mentoring and Ham Development page, you can use the form at to submit them or send me an email at


AB1OC: “ARRL Club Grant Program” at Southeastern MA ARA, April 8, 2022

AB1OC Presenting at SEMARA Meeting, April 7, 2022New England Division Director Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC, and Vice Director Phil Temples, K9HI, were on hand at the April 8 Southeastern MA Amateur Radio Association (SEMARA) meeting in Dartmouth, Massachusetts to present the club with a plaque and special certificate honoring SEMARA on its 75th anniversary of ARRL affiliation.  Club members also heard a presentation by Kemmerer on the new ARRL Club Grant program.

A Two-Fox Hunt in Carlisle (MA), April 9-10, 2022


Eliot Mayer, W1MJ, writes on NEMassFoxHunters and Waltham ARA lists:

Two foxes will be transmitting this weekend (April 9-10) from Greenough Land in Carlisle, MA.  This conservation area is only 15 minutes from the center of Westford and 25 minutes from beautiful downtown Waltham. The parking lot is more-or-less across the street from 811 Maple Street. If you come from Route 3, Maple Street is actually the same street as Treble Cover Road, so it’s a straight shot 2 miles from the highway.  A map of Greenough Land is available here:

Both foxes will be on the air from Saturday at 9:30 AM until Sunday at 5:00 PM.

Call  / Frequency   / TX Power

K1MJC / 146.565 MHz / 15 mW
W1MJ  / 147.54 MHz  / 5 W

New England STEM/Youth Meeting, April 20, 2022

Dan Norman, N0HF, Assistant Director for Youth and STEM Outreach, will moderate a Zoom meeting on Wednesday, April 20 at 7 PM EST (~1.5 hrs) to discuss: youth involvement in clubs and other organizations, thoughts and comments on what is working and what plans and ideas people have.

He’s invited several guest speakers who will share their involvement and experiences.

“We have a great group of dedicated youth leaders across New England to learn from,” writes Dan.  “I look forward to meeting you.”

For Zoom details, contact dan at

WMA Train and Test Group On-Line General License Class

Ray Lajoie, AA1SE, writes on the WMA ARRL Members list:

Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce that the WMA Train and Test Group will be conducting a General License Class starting on May 3rd on Zoom. The classes will run for 6 weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-9 PM with a live VE session in Gardner, MA afterwards.

We are also looking for volunteers who would like to join our group and teach part of the classes.

Any questions can email me at

Thank you

ARRL Western Massachusetts Section
Section Manager: Raymond P Lajoie, AA1SE

Maine SM eNews, April 2022

Phil Duggan, N1EP, writes on the ARRL Members list:

Spring is here and hopefully the warmer days will be as well. Perfect time to bring your portable gear outside for some ham radio fun. I am looking forward to throwing a wire up over a tree limb at the local park and putting my Elecraft KX3 or Yaesu FT-817 to good use!

In Maine amateur radio news, I share the following with you:

– Longtime Maine Slow Speed Net manager and net control station Bobbie Donohue, W1JX, has retired from these positions. Bobbie was MSSN Manager for nine years and served as net control for more than 25 years! She was also a past net controller for the Maine Seagull Net. On behalf of the Maine section, I thank her for her dedication and contribution to the National Traffic System and amateur radio.  Her other half—Tom W1QU—also a past net manager, also retired as MSSN net control station. Bravo Zulu to Tom as well! Steve Sozanski, WA1HHK, has taken the helm of the MSSN. The cw net runs Monday through Friday at 6:00PM on 3.585 MHz.

– The Androscoggin Amateur Radio Club Hamfest & State Convention was a huge success. There were plenty of vendors, interesting speakers, and shoppers! The Women Radio Operators of Maine made their first appearance to a Maine Hamfest. They are a new group recently formed by Maine ARRL Assistant Section Manager and YL Champ Joan Hildreth, W1DLC. Congrats to Hamfest chairman Ivan Lazure, N1OXA, and all who helped put the event together.

– ARRL New England Director Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC, presented awards to two clubs at the hamfest and convention. The Androscoggin ARC was recognized as the longest running club in Maine and for 70 years ARRL affiliation. The Ellsworth Amateur Wireless Association was lauded for 60 years of ARRL affiliation and for many contributions to amateur radio in Downeast Maine. Both clubs received plaques from the ARRL Board of Directors, and framed certificates listing their achievements.

– The Androscoggin Amateur Radio Club meets on the first Wednesday of each month at the Great Falls Model Railroad Club, 144 Mill Street, Auburn. If you live in the area, attend their meeting and help grow the club!

– The new FCC fees are starting effective April 19. The $35 application fee applies to new license and renewal applications, and vanity call sign applications. Make sure you do your research on vanity calls. If your requested call is not available, you will not get a refund. The new fee does not apply to name, address, contact updates or license upgrades. The ARRL Board has approved a reduced ARRL VEC rate for kids under 18 and that fee will be $5 instead of $15, and the board also voted for a one-time reimbursement for the $35 FCC fee for kids under age 18 The ARRL is now working on how this reduced VE fee and reimbursement will be implemented starting April 19.  When an applicant takes an exam, they will only pay the VE team the $15 VE fee (or $5 child under 18), but will have to pay the FCC fee directly to the FCC.  It is important to very clearly list a working email address on the form 605. After the VEC sends the files to the FCC, then you will receive an email from the FCC with a link on how to pay the $35. Your application will not be accepted until you pay the fee.

– The new England QSO Party is May 7 – 8 this year. Don’t miss it.  Lots of hams will be looking for contacts from the six New England states. Let’s get Maine on-the-air in force for this contest. Details are available at

-Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) is getting more prevalent these days with all sorts of offending devices including wall warts, solar installations, electric fences, grow lights, and computers. There is an effort to form RFI Teams throughout New England supported by the ARRL.  Here in Maine I would like volunteers to form at least 5 teams. Members should have some technical know-how and also be able to work cooperatively with residents, businesses, and public utilities, as sometimes this is necessary.  The ARRL will provide RFI training to team members. Most RFI Team efforts will likely be over the phone, but some will require traveling to the location with test equipment to sniff out the RFI source. If you would like to be part of an RFI Team for your region of Maine, please email me

-Field Day!  June will be here before you know it. Start making your Field Day plans now. Club or group stations should consider Field Day sites in public view, so we can promote this great hobby and service.  Don’t forget to make sure your Field Day operation is safe from RF exposure as well as electrical and physically safe!

-Join an amateur radio club if you haven’t done so already. There is a lot of fun associated with clubs. Operating events, interesting presentations, usually lots of food, and definitely great fellowship.  Here is a link where you can find a club in your area:

-No club in your area? Then form one! Here is a link to instructions on how to form a ham radio club:

-NH Digital Training Net uses the NBEMS FLDIGI and meets Saturdays at 0700 for checkins and then the net runs from 0730 to 0800 on 3.582 MHz USB (1500 Hz offset) and usually uses modes THOR22 or MFSK32. In addition to FLDIGI, you will need FLAMP and FLMSG. These programs are all available for free on This is a great way to get up and running and proficient on some of the digital modes, and especially for emergency communications.

-I am still building the statewide Elmer (Mentoring) list and need more experienced hams to volunteer to help potential or new hams, and even longtime hams that need a helping hand. Any assistance you can provide, whether over the phone advice, or in-person help, would be greatly appreciated. Your name and region of Maine will be listed on our web site, but your contact info will not be made public. Instead, the person needing assistance will contact me, and then I will refer them to you.  The web site is listed here. I will be updating it ASAP.

-If you have any questions or need assistance, please email me


Phil Duggan, N1EP
Maine ARRL Section Manager
ARRL Maine Section
Section Manager: Philip W Duggan, N1EP

Feedback to ARRL

Chuck Motes, K1DFS, writes on the ct-ares announce list:
ARRL has updated/upgraded their webpage.  They have established a “feedback” entry address.  Feel free to send in your comments, suggestions.  Please be nice.  Positive recommendations for improvements, tweaks, etc.

Chuck Motes, K1DFS
Section Manager, Connecticut

Fun Outdoor Activities in Ellsworth (ME) Harbor Park and Milbridge

Maine Ham Radio Society logoPhil Duggan, N1EP, writes in the MHRS CARRIERWave:

Warmer temperatures are here and [the Maine Ham Radio Society] will be planning several outdoors portable operating events for you to join in on the fun. Plus, the Ellsworth Amateur Wireless Association will most definitely be scheduling some fun activities at the Ellsworth Harbor Park on the Union River throughout the spring and summer months.

Bring a favorite QRP rig, or join in on using other’s setups, or just come and join in on the fellowship. All are welcome! MHRS’s first spring event will be held Saturday, May 21 at N1EP property in Milbridge. Let’s test some antenna designs! Sunscreen and bug spray a must!