“Live Free and Ham” Podcast to Feature W1AST: “Project BIG E,” August 20, 2023

Live Free and Ham podcast logoEric Pfeifer, N1JUR, writes:

With the fall season just around the corner, New England is gearing up for exciting fairs and events. If you’re looking for an authentic and enjoyable experience, look no further than the Big E, the largest fair in the Northeast.

We at Live Free and Ham (https://livefreeandham.com) are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a live stream with special guest Larry Krainson (W1AST), to discuss Project Big E and the various volunteering opportunities available at the event this fall. It’s a great chance to introduce the world of Amateur Radio to the “Ham Curious!”

Our live show will be broadcast on Sunday, August 20th at 7 pm. To stay updated and be notified when we go live, head over to https://youtube.com/live/KYFJ9UEwE6Y?feature=share and subscribe. Trust us; you don’t want to miss this show!

The Live Free and Ham Podcast is a bi-weekly show hosted by Eric Pfeifer (N1JUR), Todd Neumann (W1STJ), and Ryan Retelle (W1SNH), with a focus on Ham Radio in the New England area. To learn more about us and subscribe to our podcast, visit https://livefreeandham.com.

For more information on Project Big E, head over to https://nediv.arrl.org/project-big-e/.

Barry Hutchinson, KB1TLR, Receives Barnstable (MA) ARC Volunteer Of The Year Award

Barry Hutchinson (on left), KB1TLR, of Brewster, MA recently received the Barnstable Amateur Radio Club (BARC) Volunteer of the Year Award from BARC President Norm Cantin, WA1NLG, at the club’s August meeting.  Barry has held many club leadership and ARES positions including president of both the Falmouth Amateur Radio Association (FARA) and BARC at various times.  Barry also is the amateur radio coordinator for both the Falmouth Road Race and the Cape Cod Marathon, a member of the Cape ARES team and is a leader for the BARC Field Day effort.  Barry also is a frequent participant at club outreach events, such as the Harwich Brooks Park and Cranberry Festivals.  He has been a Technician class and merit badge instructor during the club’s JOTA activities. Barry was recently nominated for the Philip J. McGan Memorial Silver Antenna Award due to his contributions to club’s outreach efforts to the public.

Congratulations Barry!

Live Fox Hunt, Bedford NH, August 27, 2023

Eric Pfeifer, N1JUR, writes on the Granite State ARA mailing list: 
Join us for the Live Fox Hunt on August 27th from 6 pm to 8 pm. We will gather at the Lower Parking Lot at Bedford High School at 5:30/5:45 pm to review the rules, frequency, and gear check. Participants who wish to team up can do so at that time. The Fox will have 15 minutes to hide before the event starts, which will run for 90 minutes. We will announce the end of the game on the repeater and meet back at the Bedford HS Parking lot. If you’re interested, we can head to Axels in Merrimack or Inside Scoop in Bedford for celebratory ice cream or to drown your sorrow.
If you’re interested in joining but don’t have any equipment, I can connect you with people who can help you get set up. 
Usually, all you need is a 2m HT, and if you make your own, you’ll need a Tape Measure Yagi or a store-bought Satellite/fox hunt Antenna. You likely won’t require an attenuator since the “fox” will be in a vehicle and easy to locate. If this event goes well, we might continue it into the fall months before winter. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Feel free to share this with others too.

Project Big E 2023 is Looking for your Support

Project Big E logoThe Big E is a 17-day New England fair that takes place from September 15th to October 1st this year. The start is just 4 weeks away!

It attracts attendees from all over New England, northern NJ and eastern NY. The fair takes place in West Springfield, MA.

Last year the Big E had over 1.6 million attendees from all over the northeast!

In 2022, we ran a ham radio booth at the Big E and we are doing one again this year. Twelve clubs and over 100 individuals volunteered last year. We need your help again this year!

We have been provided with a free booth that normally costs $6,000. It’s located in the Better Living Center. It attracts the most visitors and it’s the largest building on the fairgrounds.

The Ham Radio Booth aims to introduce ham radio to the public and demonstrate that the hobby is still relevant in today’s world. By getting a taste of amateur radio, we hope that some members of the general public will sign up for classes and earn their license. Afterward, we hope they will join a local club where they live. This will benefit all ham radio clubs in New England!

We learned a lot from last year, and are changing the way we do things for 2023. For example, we will staff just 3 people in the booth for each six-hour session versus 4 to 6 people last year.

We encourage clubs to reserve a 6-hour session or a full 12-hour day. The booth must be staffed from 10 am through 10 pm. We ask that volunteers for the first session of each day staff the booth from 9:30 am through 4 pm; for the second session, 3:30 pm through 10 pm to provide some overlap.

Clubs may bring banner, handouts, class information and demonstrations to show and use during their time in the booth.

We are also looking for individuals to volunteer. You do not have to be part of a club.

There is an admission fee ($15) and a parking fee ($10 per car) to the fair. We have been awarded an ARDC grant and will be reimbursing those fees to everyone who participated after the fair has ended. The reimbursements will be mailed to your qrz.com address.

We need your support to make this a success!

Please go to this link to sign up:


If you would like further information, please visit: https://nediv.arrl.org/project-big-e.

For more information, feel free to contact Larry Krainson, W1AST at: W1AST@arrl.net.

New Hampshire Gears Up For Volunteers On The Air W1AW/1 Special Event Operation, September 20-26, 2023

ARRL is celebrating a year-long operating event honoring all ARRL volunteers: Volunteers On the Air with special W1AW/portable operations in each of the fifty states and U.S. territories.

The second 2023 special event station in New Hampshire (W1AW/1 Portable) will run September 20-26, 2023. Our team is looking for operators who can activate a W1AW Station.

You can operate from your home station or a portable location, e.g., beach, park, or public area. You can use digital, voice, or CW modes on several bands (with certain exceptions. See https://arrl.org/vota for more details). We aim to work as many stations as possible anywhere in the world.

If you have any questions, please contact Eric Pfeifer (N1JUR) at n1jur.nh@gmail.com or Peter Stohrer (W1FEA) at pstohrer1@gmail.com. If you would like to sign up as an operator, use our form at <https://forms.gle/jnNHmyS9G11YWMsr9>. We’ll add you to our mailing list.


Eric Pfeifer

Lighthouse On The Air Activation: Stratford Point CT, August 12, 2023

Stratford Point LighthousePeter Cimino, K1PCN, writes on the Greater Bridgeport (CT) ARC mailing list:

In March of 2023 I put in for a permit to activate Stratford Point Lighthouse for [Lighthouse On The Air] on August 11, 2023. After several follow up calls, it did not seem that we would get permission due to renovation on the lighthouse.

I received a call today stating the we have permission to activate tomorrow 11 AM to 2 pm from the adjoining Stratford Autobahn land.

If anyone is interested, join me at 11 AM.


HF Stock Trading: Blackstone Valley ARC (RI) member quoted in the Wall Street Journal

WSJ article on HF tradingFrom ri-arrl.org:

[Blackstone Valley ARC] member quoted in Wall Street Journal article – “Ham Radio Enthusiasts vs. High-Frequency Traders: A Battle for the Airwaves” (August 5, 2023)

Congrats to (BVARC) Blackstone Valley Amateur Radio Club for this news, shared by Bob Beaudet, W1YRC:

Greetings all:

Our fellow BVARC member and past president, Matt, NA1Q, made a comment to the Wall Street Journal regarding the recent request by investment firms to run up to 20 kW on frequencies close to amateur bands.
I think this is a first for BVARC. Congrats Matt. 
Bob Beaudet, W1YRC

Cape Cod & Islands Simulated Emergency Test Results, August 5, 2023

Eastern MA Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator Frank O’Laughlin, WQ1O, writes on Facebook:

We conducted Cape and Islands ARES Exercise 78 on Saturday. We had our big mast up for VHF and it didn’t disappoint. HF had its challenges, but some of our other sites had some better luck. We had great turn out at our Mid Cape field site…..Thanks to all who participated at all our sites and at home/mobile.