Greater Bridgeport ARC Fox Hunt, Trumbull, CT, May 16, 2021

Greater Bridgeport ARC loogoFrom GBARC wiki:

On Sunday May 16 2021 at 11am we will have our monthly fox hunt.  All members and non-members are invited to attend.  The purpose of the fox hunt is to track down a hidden transmitter and find some information, then relay that information according to the instructions on a sign where the fox is located. […]

Recommended Starting Location:  Home Depot Trumbull

Starting Time: 11:00 AM Local 

Fox Frequency:  147.485 MHz Simplex

Fox Power:  5W into a 1/4 wave antenna dropping to 1W at Noon

Sponsor:  Emily N1DID

Check in on:  441.700 or 146.445 Repeaters or Echolink

En-Route Communications:  Contact N1DID on 146.52 Simplex or call 203-522-6750

“Saving the MIT Radome”

Green Bldg rooftop MIT campusFrom

Perched atop the MIT Cecil and Ida Green Building (Building 54), MIT’s tallest academic building, a large, golf ball-like structure protrudes from the roof, holding its own in the iconic MIT campus skyline. This radar dome — or “radome” for short — is a fiberglass shell that encases a large parabolic dish, shielding it from the elements while allowing radio waves to penetrate. First installed in 1966, it was used initially to pioneer weather radar research. As the years passed and technology evolved, the radome eventually fell out of use for this purpose and was subsequently slated for removal as MIT began a major renovation and capital improvement project for the building. That’s when the student-led MIT Radio Society, who had found creative new uses for the radome, sprang into action to save it — and succeeded. [Full story]

W1DAN Featured on Pittsfield Community TV, WTBR-FM, May 19, 2021

Dan Brown, W1DAN, will be the featured guest on Ham On!, simulcast on Pittsfield (MA) Community Television and WTBR-FM 89.7 on May 19, 2021. Dan will speak about the new RF Exposure rules that went into effect on May 3, 2021. 

The early morning program is produced and moderated by Western MA Assistant Section Traffic Manager Peter Mattice, KD2JKV.  

Hampden County (MA) Radio Association “Fox Box 2” Has Been Deployed

Hampden Co RA logoLarry Krainson,W1AST, writes on the WMAFoxHunters list on May 10, 2021 at 3:37 PM:

As of 3:00pm on Monday, May 10th, FB2 aka Fox Box 2 has finally been deployed!

All are invited to hunt for this Fox Box.

FB2 has a new, better hearing radio, is transmitting on 147.550 Mhz with a PL of 151.4. You can activate FB2 by depressing the DTMF key #1. A short depress will activate it if you are close enough. FB2 is transmitting at 1 watt into a tall ducky antenna.

I ask that all base stations and mobiles try to activate FB2 and then announce where you can hear it and how strong the signal or audio is. This will help the mobile hunters to find it.

This is a walk up foxhunt. You can park your vehicle and safely walk up to FB2. It is on public property in a safe area.

When you find FB2, please take a picture of it and post it here. Please do not say where you found it though.

Happy Hunting!

Cape Cod & Islands (MA) ARES Exercise, May 8, 2021

District Emergency Coordinator Frank O’Laughlin, WQ1O, writes on the Facebook Cape Code & Islands ARES page:

We had a good outing on Saturday for the nationwide Red Cross/Winlink exercise and our complimentary Cape Cod ARES exercise combined with the Eastern MA Section ARES. We used Winlink HF, VHF, NBEMS (HF,VHF), voice 60/75m. We had two field sites and many home stations. It was good to get back outside with our gennies and field gear. The day was a success overall. Soon we will be preparing for our Cape Cod ARES field summer exercise in August which will have multiple field teams and mobiles. My thanks to our field crews in Sandwich and Falmouth (under Henry, K1WCC ADEC). My kudos to our solo field operation in Chatham under field operator Shannon K1WIT. I appreciate all our home stations that participated as well including our section partners. It was tough to get through the day for me, but was worth every minute.

June 2021 QST Cover Photo: Nashua Area Radio Society, N1FD

Cover: Field Day 2021 is coming, June 26-27! This issue of QST will help you prepare, with articles about antenna options, as well as a pull-out 2021 ARRL Field Day Guide that features helpful tips, a bonus points calculator, a handy Section checklist to keep near your operating position, and even a Field Day chili recipe!

On this month’s cover, members of the Nashua Area Radio Society, N1FD, in Nashua, New Hampshire, put their Field Day  setup through its paces in preparation for the big event. From left to right are Connor Finchum, KC1GGX; Abby Finchum, AB1BY; Vice President Jamey Finchum, AC1DC; Treasurer Anita Kemmerer, AB1QB; and President Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC. [Lori Pedrick, photo]


June 2021 QST Cover

Peru (MA) 250th Anniversary K1P Special Event Operation

Pix of Peru, MA medallionDave Robbins, K1TTT, writes on the YCCC mailing list:

This July 4th is the 250th anniversary of Peru, Massachusetts being incorporated (originally known as Partridgefield).  To commemorate that event I will be running a special event station using the callsign K1P from June 28th through July 9th.  There will be a special QSL card featuring the new town seal.  There will also be pewter medallions of the new town seal for those who work us on the most bands/modes during that event and for the most productive guest operators from the station.

Bands: 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m, 2m, 70cm.

Modes: SSB, CW, RTTY, FT-8/4, maybe FM on VHF/UHF (no repeaters)

QSL: LOTW or SASE (to K1TTT)  (no bureau unless I get a volunteer to handle them, should I use one of the outgoing bulk services??)

Check out my web page at: (or look on left side of for link) for all the most recent information before and during the event. 

Please email me at: if you are interested in operating during the event. Please forward to ham friends and club lists.

Eastern MA ARES Training, National Red Cross Exercise

EMA ARES logoEastern Massachusetts ARES Members:

During the month of May, we will have numerous ARES training topics as part of a virtual ARES workshop. The first presentation will be Thursday Evening 5/6/21 from 730-900 PM with an introduction of ARES/RACES and SKYWARN and a briefing on the upcoming Eastern Mass ARES exercise Saturday 5/8/21 from 1000 AM-1200 PM coincident with the National Red Cross exercise. Additional sessions will be done throughout the month of May. Complete details, including updates with Zoom details for upcoming workshop topics, can be seen at the following link: <>

As mentioned above, Eastern Massachusetts ARES will conduct an exercise (Operation Unify) coincident with the National Red Cross exercise on Saturday May 8th, 2021 from 1000 AM-1200 PM and all members who are available can participate. Details including an exercise document can be seen at the following link: <>

Thanks for your continued support of Eastern Massachusetts ARES!

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Macedo, KD1CY
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator

RF Exposure Rules Presentation Video Recording

screenshot from RF Exposure presentationMany amateurs have requested a recording of the RF Exposure Rules presentation featuring Eastern MA Technical Coordinator Dan Brown, W1DAN on May 4, 2021.  ARRL Laboratory Supervisor Ed Hare, W1RFI also participated in the call, fielding questions from the audience.

The presentation can be viewed at: <>. 

[See also: Additional RF Exposure Rules Presentation, May 4, 2021]