Cape Cod & Islands (MA) ARES Exercise, May 8, 2021

District Emergency Coordinator Frank O’Laughlin, WQ1O, writes on the Facebook Cape Code & Islands ARES page:

We had a good outing on Saturday for the nationwide Red Cross/Winlink exercise and our complimentary Cape Cod ARES exercise combined with the Eastern MA Section ARES. We used Winlink HF, VHF, NBEMS (HF,VHF), voice 60/75m. We had two field sites and many home stations. It was good to get back outside with our gennies and field gear. The day was a success overall. Soon we will be preparing for our Cape Cod ARES field summer exercise in August which will have multiple field teams and mobiles. My thanks to our field crews in Sandwich and Falmouth (under Henry, K1WCC ADEC). My kudos to our solo field operation in Chatham under field operator Shannon K1WIT. I appreciate all our home stations that participated as well including our section partners. It was tough to get through the day for me, but was worth every minute.

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