Amateur Radio and AUXCOM Support to the Department of Defense

ARRL will present a webinar on Thursday, February 17, 2022 at 8 pm ET (0100Z Feb 18) on Amateur Radio and AUXCOM support to the Department of Defense.

Use this zoom link to attend:

Check out the ARRL link below for more detail:

This webinar will coincide with the start of MARS Exercise 22-1, which should provide opportunity to practice these skills.

Tom Kinahan
US Army Military Auxiliary Radio System
Region One Director

State QSO Party Challenge, February 5-6, 2022

Bill Bliss, W1WBB, writes on the CTRI Contest Group mailing list:

The beginning of State QSO Party season is upon us.  This coming weekend (Sat/Sun Feb 5 & 6) the festivities begin anew.  I’d really like to encourage CTRI members to consider joining the fun by participating in some additional State QSO Parties (incl. this coming weekend!) during the 2022 contesting season.  They are fun, interesting and often short but challenging events that target a specific geographic area with SSB and CW as the primary modes of communication.

The State QSO Party Challenge (in it’s 3rd year now) runs concurrently and offers operators a season-long QP competition complete with a Leaderboard and Award Certificate offerings.  It is also expected to include a brand new Club Competition (similar to ARRL’s) which will run throughout the QSO Party season.  New for this year is the Quebec QSO Party as well as the inaugural running of the Canadian Praries (VE4/5/6) QP … exciting stuff for QP ops in 2022!

For the first events of the year, this weekend:  The MN QP (a perennial top 10 in participation), BC QP and VT QP are all running at different times over the weekend.  Make a minimum of two QSOs in each, then post your score to 3830scores (for each), and you will begin the QP season ‘3 for 3′ while beginning work toward the Worked All QSO Party award (min qualification is 50% QP participation by seasons’ end).  And please don’t forget to indicate CTRI as your associated club on the submission page — you can prefill this on the ‘preferences’ page found via this link: – prefill preferences page

Some very helpful QSO Party links:

*State QSO Party Challenge 2022

*State QSO Parties Calendar 2022 by WA7BNM

*SQP Challenge, explanatory video by K8ZT

* – QSO Party group link

I hope this info will encourage you to consider trying out some upcoming QP events!

Good luck & good contesting/73,

Bill  W1WBB

Vermont QSO Party, February 4-6, 2022

VT iconSection Manager: Paul N Gayet, AA1SU, writes on the Vermont ARRL Members List:

Hello Fellow Vermont Hams,

The Vermont QSO Party is in another 3 days. Are you ready?

The event will start Friday night at 7PM and run 48 hours until 7PM Sunday night. Operate as much as you like. Conditions have been all over the place, so there is no telling what openings we might find. However, the best openings will not make up for failure to call CQ. Here is the link to the rules: This includes various information, such as the correct abbreviation for your county.

The rules are pretty much the same as last year. A minor change in scoring was made to help the smaller scoring operators on FT8. This year, the grids will be divided by 3 instead of 4 for the FT8 multiplier total.  FT8 (and FT4) are a lot more heavily used, so consider putting up an effort there as well. That’s an easy mode to make contacts on while you do something more useful, like watch TV or read a book!

Feel free to spot yourself whenever you change bands – just don’t overdo it.

Remember, that we run at the same time as the MNQP, BCQP, Eu-DX, NA Spring, 10-10, and XE RTTY contests. Know their exchanges, so you can cross pollinate and have more fun.

Before the event, make sure your logging software and your station is working correctly.

Remember, you cannot put Vermont on the air, unless you turn on the radio AND CALL CQ (tuning around doesn’t count). The guys are looking for us, and if you have a signal out there, they’ll find you!

Help make Vermont proud!

ARRL Vermont Section
Section Manager: Paul N Gayet, AA1SU