Twin State Radio Club (NH) VHF/UHF Activity Nights

Twin State RC logoDave Colter, WA1ZCN, writes on the Twin State RC mailing list:


6:30 PM and on. Most operators start on the standard calling frequencies, and then move another to rag chew. Six and 2-meters are the most popular.

Sunday: 6 meters: 50.525 FM, 50.120 SSB; 50.110 CW

Monday: 2 meters 146.520 FM, 144.200 SSB, 144.100 CW

Tuesday: 1.25 meters 223.500 FM, 222.100 SSB/CW

Wednesday: 70cm 446.000 FM, 432.100 SSB/CW

Thursday: 902 MHz 902.100 or 903.100 SSB/CW

                1296.100 MHz SSB/CW

                5760.100 MHz SSB/CW

                10,368.1 MHz SSB/CW

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