Ham Radio University Online, January 9, 2021

Ham Radio University 2021 logoWith Covid19 restrictions precluding an in-person gathering, the Ham Radio University (HRU) educational conference will be held as a virtual event Saturday, January 9, 2021 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm  as a GoToWebinar on-line video conference.

HRU 2021 will feature 14 informational presentations by local experts in a broad range of Amateur Radio activities including:

  • Amateur Radio Emergency Communications
  • Basics of HF Operating
  • Communicating Through Amateur Radio Earth Satellites
  • Remote Station Operating Over the Internet
  • Software Defined Radios
  • HF and UHF Digital Communications
  • Using RaspberryPi Computers in Amateur Radio

In addition to viewing the presentations, on-line attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions of the presenters.

Presented in memory of Ham Radio University’s founder, Phil Lewis, N2MUN, who passed away in March, HRU 2021 also will be the on-line convention of the ARRL’s NYC-Long Island Section.

As in years past, participation in HRU 2021 will be free of charge, with an optional suggested donation of $5.00 but advance registration–that starts December 15, 2020–will be required for each presentation.

Further information, including the schedule of forums and advance registration starting December 15, 2020, is on line at: <http://www.HamRadioUniversity.org>.