Maine Emergency Communications Net Activation for Hurricane/Tropical Storm Lee, September 15, 2023

Maine SEC Keith Anoe, KE4UCW, writes on the MaineSection-ARES-RACES list:

Good evening, all, I hope this messages finds you well and ready.

With the approach of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Lee the Maine Emergency Communication Net (MECN) will be activated and have its first net at 08:00hrs and then on the hour as needed.

Please remember that the primary purpose of any MECN is to facilitate “Emergency Communications” for supported agencies, i.e., between the Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and a County Emergency Management Agency (EMA), EMA to EMA, or any other first responder agency Fire or Police Departments etc.

The secondary purpose is to facilitate information ARES/RACES Groups and supported agencies, ARES/RACES members and the public.

All Nets will be opened with request for ARES/RACES group repressive or supported agency, then other stations. Message traffic and status or information will be requested from the ARES/RACES group repressive or supported agency. After they have provided their status and/or information, the NCS will provide them with the opportunity to secure from the net. The intent is to give them the opportunity to return to their duty supporting their group. They do not need to secure, just be given the opportunity. Then the remainder of the net roster will be provided with the opportunity to provide information to the net.

We encourage participation that is short and to the point during emergency activation. We also encourage that you send any appropriate reports to your local town or county for action for processing and action.
Everyone stay safe

Maine Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC)
Androscoggin County Emergency Coordinator (EC)