2023 Project BIG E Booth Setup

Larry Krainson, W1AST, writes on the Project BIG E groups.io list:

They came from far away to the Big E to set up for Friday. They came from Natick and New Hampshire, from Wallingford and Lunenberg, from Portland and Bridgeport (NY via NH). No one was local.

We ran into a few issues and adapted and adjusted and the booth looks great. We have a new layout, a new floor, some new banners, new lights. The booth looks fabulous.


You will see more when your turn comes up in the booth!

Many thanks to the following for their dedication in assembling the booth this year: K5TEC, KC1OYN, K1SEI, K1YO, KC2FEV, AA1SE, W1AST. Without your dedication, this never would have been possible!

Larry Krainson – W1AST
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