Connecticut HF NVIS “Warm-Up” Event, September 16, 2023

Douglas Sharafanowich, WA1SFH, writes:

If you have General/Advanced/Extra Class HF privileges, you are invited to join us for this Connecticut STATEWIDE Radio Event.

WHAT: HF NVIS “Warm-Up” 2023

DATE: Saturday – September 16, 2023.


TEST #1: 75m phone @ 0800 hrs. on 3.965 MHz (+/-)

TEST #2: 40m phone @ 1100 hrs. on 7.280 MHz {+/-)

Information about HF NVIS “Warm-Up” 2023 at:

YOUR Participation Matters.

Why? Great Question!
We are looking to see how well HF NVIS works across the State of Connecticut. And, we need a lot of stations participating (that’s YOU). With sufficient data (Signal Reports) from a bunch of stations across the state, we can get a better idea of how well this works and where the problems might be.


Have FUN with HF NVIS “Warm-Up” 2023

Good News
We now have about 1.5 weeks left to GET “READY” for this HF NVIS event.

Step 1
This will help me immensely to prepare for the event.
Send an email to:
WA1SFH “aT” Optimum “diT” net

Step 2
Learn about NVIS and the types of antennas that work for HF NVIZ communications.

For more HF NVIS information
You will find HF NVIS related videos and articles at the link below that will help you learn about HF NVIS communications and present ideas for antennas to use and/or build.

Step 3
Get your Gear “READY”

– HF Radio, NVIS Antenna/s, Coax, Antenna Supports, Etc.) for this event.

What is Douglas, WA1SFH doing to GET “READY”?

a) For this event, I am duplicating the simple dipole design for 75m and 40m antennas and installation as discussed in the video W0SV Club: NVIS Presentation (see link above).
BTW: I have obtained a working copy of the presenter’s Excel Spreadsheet.
With this Spreadsheet, you enter the Frequency you want to use, and it gives you a starting place with: key information about antenna lengths, heights about ground, and reflector lengths for that frequency.
– If you want it, please let me know and I will be happy to send it to you.

b) Got to scout around for a local Operating Site
Since my house does not have enough open land to run the 75m NVIS antenna and I have an S-7 noise level at home, I will need to “Go Portable”.
– I already have my eye on a local park where I can set up before 8 am.

YOU Make it Happen!

JOIN US for a FUN Time with HF NVIS “Warm-Up” 2023


Douglas Sharafanowich – WA1SFH
District Emergency Coordinator,
Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)
Connecticut Section – Region 2
Cell: 203-494-3885