Barnstable Club (BARC) Builds Amateur Radio Station for Scouts at Camp Greenough

The ARRL Club Grant to BARC of $25,000 has enabled corporate and private donations of an additional $100,000 towards creating a platform for amateur radio in scouting.  Jamboree-on-the-Air events, licensing and merit badge classes and Field Days will make excellent use of the new facility.  Eversource, Xfinity, Mid-Cape Home Centers, Shepley Lumber and other Cape businesses, have donated utility poles for antenna supports, fiber-optic cabling for wiring up the entire camp for internet connectivity and building materials for the station itself.  Station equipment will be remotely operable allowing it to be used for training performed in a new camp Welcome and Education Center being constructed adjacent to the station.

The idea for the grant was originally conceived by BARC member Steve Boyson, N1VLG, a former BARC president and member of the local Scouting council.  Steve also helped source many of the donations received and continues to help using his extensive contacts in the community.

Good progress is being made on station construction.  The off center fed dipole antenna, to be placed on the already-erected utility poles with halyards, has been ordered.  All the old wiring in the station has been removed. Three of the four walls have been constructed and the materials to build the station interior have been acquired and staged inside the station.

New entrances and security features for the station and the other building spaces are being designed to allow secure outside entrance to the station.  Two operating positions are planned with both HF and VHF/UHF capabilities including satellite communication.

The current project plan calls for the station to be completed by the end of this year.