“Dedication to Elmers Special Event,” W1E, October 21-24, 2022

Rich Guerrera, KB1FGC, writes:

I am hosting a special event in October of this year. I hope to get my web page running later with more details about the event. The event is in honor of all mentors in ham radio and the goodwill that they bring to the hobby.

So far, I have five operators. I may add another call sign as I get more operators in the “1” call area. If you would like to help, that would be great!

I only need your .ADI files at the end of the event. There are no set times, and all operators can work on their own. At some point, I might set up something online like a live web page so no two operators are operating  too close to one another. Slack is one such site; the 13 Colonies event uses it. I haven’t worked that out yet.

Also, if anyone wants to help out with a web page that would be great. I have minimal skills but am figuring it out slowly. I don’t expect anyone to design a page for me but any experience that you may provide would help. 

The details are below:

Time: 10/21-10/24,  2022
Name of event: “Dedication to  Elmers Special event”

Contact me at:


Thanks and 73,