Fox Hunt, Wallingford, CT Vicinity, February 19-20, 2022

Dave Tipping, NZ1J, writes on the ctfoxhunter list:

Instead of our usual ‘live’ Fox Hunt, this weekend we’ll have a Fox Box hidden somewhere in Wallingford.  The box will transmit 1 watt on 146.565MHz for 45 seconds, each time it is activated via a DTMF ‘1’, also on 146.565MHz

The box will be switched on at noon on Saturday and will be switched off at 11am on Sunday.

Upon locating the box, please announce on 146.565 that you have found it.  (Rob has been known to linger in the vicinity of a Fox Box.  Who is to say who might be nearby and watching you and the box at any given time?)

Good Luck,

Dave NZ1J