K2C, Rhode Island 13 Colonies Special Event Operation, July 1-7, 2021

K2C QSL card for 2021 13 ColoniesK2C

This Years Event Dates / July 1, – 9AM EST to July 7, – Midnight EST
                          July 1, -1300 UTC to July 8, -0400 UTC
QSL: Direct to W1KMA, S.A.S.E, NO BURO.   LOTW, EQSL.  Logs will
uploaded after the event.
                                      QSL Manager W1KMA
Certificate Requests and info go to Ken, KU2US QRZ.COM

SPOTTING:  If you work a colony station, you are encouraged to spot it
for others.

We suggest:     http://www.cwfun.org/funspots/us13/frames.html.