Nashua, NH High School Scheduled for ARISS Contact, February 19, 2021

ARISS logoThe Bishop Guertin High School in Nashua has been scheduled for an ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) contact on Friday, February 19, 2021 at 17:56:36 UTC. The school’s population includes students from both New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  ARISS Technical Mentor Fred, AB1OC, from the Nashua Area Radio Society (NARS) is coordinating the event.

NARS has been mentoring the students for the past two years, and now three students are licensed, according to ARISS-US Delegate Rosalie White, K1STO.  “The STEM Club advisor and a number of students were inspired by ham radio and space after attending an ARISS contact at a school mentored by NARS three years ago,” she adds.

Bishop Guertin High School hopes the ARISS contact activities will support students’ growth in STEM related curriculum topics. A number of student activities are planned, including:

  • An introduction to amateur radio
  • The ability to understand how important radio communication is in the world and how it is used to communicate in space 
  • The opportunity and motivation to become licensed ham radio operators
  • A partnership with the Nashua Radio Society whose members will mentor the students about radio communication and teach them the skills necessary to assist in building radio equipment 
  • Leadership roles in promoting, organizing and running the ISS contact

The ARISS contact will be live streamed on YouTube, and can be viewed at: