RFI Team Toolkit

Each team will be equipped with tools to assist hams to identify sources of RFI and correct them.  Some are inexpensive and some are suited for certain types of RFI, e.g. power line RFI or RFI from in-home devices.  There are also tools that are more expensive and sophisticated, to be available as needed, from the ARRL Lab and from the Division.  Action to obtain these is in progress.

Team toolkit

DescriptionPurposeNumber of Items
160M - 70 CM
RFI detection and spectrum capture1/team
Backpack for IC705Protection and transport of IC705 and any associated cables/connectors1/team
Spare battery for IC705Portable use of IC7051/team
DXE RFI LoopHF RFI detection in the field1/team
Elk log periodic VHF yagi antennaRFI location in the field1/team
DXE-NL-PRE-ATT1Noise loop preamp/attenuator1/team
This equipment is in the possession of each team for its own use

ARRL Lab tools Available for Team Loan

DescriptionPurposeNumber Available
Radar Engineering RE-240Power Line Noise detection including VHF yagi1
MFJ 5008 Untrasonic detector and dishPower Line Noise location1
These tools may be loaned on a case basis and for a defined period of time.

Division Tools Available for Team Loan as Needed

Radar Engineering RE243 and VHF yagi antennaPower line noise1
RF Sniffer RE245RFI detection in the home1
These tools are available as needed for a team to temporarily upgrade its detection capability

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