New England Division RFI Teams by ARRL Section

  • Contact these RFI team leaders to get help with your noise problems.
  • These folks are developing contacts with utilities that make it easier for them to respond to noise issues and have experience in resolving the more difficult situations.
  • Even if you have found and fixed an RFI source, we’d still like to know about it in case another ham has the same problem.
  • You may also find it helpful to use these teams to help you with contacting the ARRL Lab.  If you can provide some information on-line first, it will speed things along.  If you prefer to print the information instead, it may take a bit longer for the team to respond, but you can do so by going directly to a printable form and printing out what’s on the screen and mailing it or cutting and pasting the information into an email sent to one of the addresses below.
  • What you should expect:
    • Team feedback to help refine the case information you’ve provided by phone or email.  The team will expect that you’ve followed the RFI Troubleshooting Guide process.  The process will normally eliminate RFI coming from inside your own house.
    • An on-site visit to help locate RFI sources outside your home.  In rare cases, they may visit to help locate RFI sources inside the home if the RFI isn’t present with the main breaker open but you are unable to isolate the cause in the home.
    • Help to interface with utilities and the ARRL Lab.  Since the teams have the experience and will build credibility, they can maximize your effectiveness in dealing with utilities and the ARRL.  If the FCC needs to get involved, the ARRL Lab will help.  If manufacturers or vendors need to be contacted, the ARRL Lab will intervene.  The Lab provides a central, nation-wide point of contact for reporting these issues.
    • Help to remediate RFI that can’t easily be fixed.  RFI sources may include those that are difficult to eliminate, e.g. inaccessible sources, expensive devices to replace.

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