AB1OC, AB1QB Honored as Co-Recipients of the 2024 Orlando HamCation Gordon West Ambassador of the Year Award

Gordon West award announcement on Ham Nation broadcastGeorge Allision, K1IG, writes on the PART of Westford mailing list:

Congratulations to […] Fred, AB1OC, and Anita, AB1QB, who are co-recipients of the 2024 Orlando HamCation Gordon West Ambassador of the Year Award. This award is given annually to outstanding Amateurs who represent and inspire others, who embody the amateur radio spirit, and who have made outstanding contributions to the Amateur Radio community.

Fred and Anita are recognized for their outstanding work both in the New England division and U.S. with Ham Radio Bootcamp, ARISS school contacts, youth outreach, amateur radio balloon launches, and license training. In their spare time, Fred also serves as the New England Division Director, and Anita is the New England Division Assistant Director for Mentoring and New Ham Development.

Well done to Fred and Anita!

[The award was announced on the Ham Nation YouTube broadcast on January 3, 2024.  You can see the story at 27 min., 30 sec. into the video.]


Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC
Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC



Anita Kemmerer, AB1QB
Anita Kemmerer, AB1QB

Vermont QSO Party, February 3-4, 2024

The Vermont QSO Party is coming up in a mere four weeks, February 3-4, starting at 0000 and ending on 2359 UTC. This corresponds to Friday night February 2 at 7 PM until Sunday night February 4 at 7 PM.

We hope to get a lot of Vermont stations on the air to satisfy the appetites of all the chasers.

Details are at: https://www.ranv.org/vtqso.html with the detailed rules at: https://www.ranv.org/vtqso.doc

No changes in the rules are in place but be sure to read through everything and ask NOW if you have any questions.

We are specifically looking for stations to activate some of our rarer counties, like Grand Isle, Franklin, Essex, Orleans and Orange. If you can get on from these locations, that would be great. Or else, plan a mobile operation. It is a load of fun in the winter! Hopefully we will not have a repeat of the -20 degree blast that we had last year. When you do get on, be sure to spot yourself and call CQ. They can’t find you if you run around the band!

Mitch Stern W1SJ

ARRL Vermont Section
Section Manager: Paul N Gayet, AA1SU