Meriden ARC Balloon Launch, September 2, 2023

Ed Snyder, W1YSM, writes at 12:13 PM on September 2, 2023:

Balloon is at ~36,000 feet. Telemetry available on W1NRG balloon  app. 

We have some video of the launch and lots of stills and telemetry. Signal heard all over the globe (almost all over). 
-Ed W1YSM 


Ray Cirmo, KC1QLS, writes on the Meriden ARC mailing list:

MARC members,

We are planning a third balloon launch this Saturday September 2, 2023 between 7:30 AM – 8:00 AM weather permitting.  Weather permitting this time of year will mean no precipitation, low wind speeds on the ground, and no storms over the Atlantic moving up from the South.  If all of those factors are in our favor we will plan to launch from Veterans Memorial Park in Wallingford, CT, with the W1NRG callsign.

Depending on the wind direction, we may set up in one of several places within the park.  If you are free and can come out and join us we would love to have you onboard for this event.  Just remember if conditions are not just right we reserve the right to scrub the mission.

Tracking for this balloon launch can be done at any of the following sites:

WSPR.rock (This is the site that Brian N1BRI has developed for the club balloon launches.  Go to the site and on the right side of your screen you will see a button labeled W1NRG.  Simply click that button and you should be good to track our progress). This is our recommended site.

We have a great deal of time and testing under our belts and we are expecting a successful launch.