QRP Activities at HamXposition

Carl Achin, WA1ZCQ, writes on the New England QRP mailing list:

The annual ARRL New England Convention, now-a-days called, “HamXposition” is coming up this weekend, August 25th, 26th, & 27th, that’s Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. NEQRP will be there starting at 8:59AM on Friday morning for the KICKOFF BREAKFAST. There are lots of things to do at this years ARRL Convention! Not only does the Convention have a great schedule, but, NEQRP has a fantastic Schedule as well.

Here, take a look at our Club’s activities and events throughout the weekend:
Download the NEQRP Schedule and join-in on whatever tickles-your-fancy:

Of course the HAMvention also has many talks and activities as well. Here, take a look:

*** WANT TO BUILD A KIT? Know someone that does? Sign-up for our “Build-A-Thon” on Saturday Evening (starting at 7PM):

Join-in on any and/or all of the NEQRP activities throughout the weekend. Bring your favorite Field-Ops rig and operate ” W 1 B ” (Whiskey One “B”oxboro!) just outside our meeting room, the Marlborough Room (W-9) at the end of the Hotel West-Wing.
??? Where is the Marlborough Room (W-9) ??? – Here, take a look:

Join us at our off-premises Saturday Evening Dinner Banquet (4:45PM through 6:45PM) for a delicious STEAK, or, anything else you’d like.

Like Pizza? – Like watching Field-Op related videos? – Join us on Friday evening (5PM through 8PM+) for our Kickoff” Meet-‘N-Greet” Pizza Party, Video night, and Social-Hour. Join in on our breakfast and lunch gatherings throughout the weekend. It’s all on the NEQRP Schedule.

When you arrive, call ” W 1 B ” on “The National Simplex Frequency” (146.52 direct), we’ll be listening for YOU!

Questions? Email: