Yankee Clipper Contest Club Well-Represented in World Radio Team Championship in Italy, July 8-9, 2023

Yankee Clipper Contest Club logoYankee Clipper Contest Club President Ken Caruso, WO1N, writes:

The YCCC has several member competitors and other members as referees participating in the WRTC event, July 8th – July 9th.


                K1XM and W1UE              NA1

                K5ZD and W2SC               NA1

                JH1GHM and WA1Z         AS7

                KO8SCA and S55M          DT1

                W1VE and WC1M            Referees


We wish them the best of luck and we can best show our appreciation by getting on the air and working the event.

You might be aware of the WRTC awards program described here: https://www.wrtc2022.it/en/wrtc-2022-competition!-award-39.asp

Basically, after achieving certain goals you are eligible to download a certificate and earned endorsements.

The Club will be offering a small enhancement to the WRTC Awards program. Here are the rules:

  • Your dues must be up-to-date.
  • Your log must be submitted to the WRTC committee within 6 hours of the contest end: https://contest-log-submission.arrl.org/index.php?eid=4
  • Your result summary must be posted on 3830scores.
  • We will use the total WRTC stations worked as published by the WRTC committee here: www.wrtc2022.it/awardOperating Periods:
  • Operating Periods:
    • 12 – 19.99 Hours Operating Class: YCCC mouse pad for the operator with the highest total of WRTC stations worked
    • 20 – 24 Hours Operating Class: Insulated YCCC mug for the operator with the highest total of WRTC stations worked
  • Multiple awards will be issued in case of ties regardless of number of hours operated within the operating classes defined above.

The winners will be announced a few days after the contest is over.

All our best to the competitors and referees!


Ken – WO1N