CQ Foxhunting Weekend, May 13-14, 2023

Joe Moell, KØOV, writes:

The annual CQ Foxhunting Weekend is coming Saturday and Sunday, May 13-14.  If your club hasn’t had its spring transmitter hunt, now is the time to plan it.  We’re not picky about the actual date—any weekend in the spring is fine—but it’s time to get the ball rolling.

There have been some changes at CQ Magazine in recent months, but it’s still being published.  You can read more information about Foxhunting Weekend, including results, stories and photos from last year, in the February 2023 issue.  There’s also lots of foxhunting information at www.homingin.com, including news of the USA ARDF Championships.

I look forward to receiving your Foxhunting Weekend reports and photos.  It will help spread the word about the fun of transmitter hunting, both mobile and on foot.

Joe Moell K0OV
CQ Foxhunting Weekend Moderator