K1XFC Appointed as CT Section Emergency Coordinator

CT ARES logoBetsey Doane, K1EIC, writes:

I am sending this note to you all with respect for and heart felt thanks to AB1GL who was very active in so many ways including our immediate past SEC. George was a gift to us all.

We are very fortunate to have a volunteer step up and offer to fill this vacancy.

I am pleased to appoint Phil Crombie, Jr, K1XFC, as our Section Emergency Coordinator. Phil has been a licensed Amateur radio operator since 2014 and has a wealth of leadership experience. He has volunteered for the South Windsor Fire Department for the last 40 years and served as chief for 10 of those years. Notice the call—XF(ire) C(hief)!

He started getting involved right away with the Western CT Traffic Net after listening for a few times—in fact, that net was his very first contact.

Phil holds an Amateur Extra class license and is the trustee of the ham radio station at the South Windsor EOC. He is currently the vice president of The Bears of Manchester. This club has a long standing tradition of running the comms for the well known Manchester Road Race on Thanksgiving Day. Phil has coordinated that event with over 50 ops for the last seven years.

Phil served as EC South Windsor, Assistant District Coordinator, District Coordinator and now Section Emergency Coordinator.

He is currently the chair of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Fire Investigation Subcommittee.

I know you will all give Phil the support you always give to our leaders. You can write to him at k1xfc@arrl.net. So do write him a note preferably off list and give him a warm welcome to the Section cabinet. Remember—the Section is a team. He will need your help. Congrats Phil—join the fun!


Betsey Doane, K1EIC

Interim SM