Greater Bridgeport ARC Fox Hunt, August 21, 2022

Greater Bridgeport ARC loogoShawn Takatsu, NR1T, writes on the Greater Bridgeport ARC mailing list:

Tomorrow [August 21, 2022] at 10 am we’re hosting our monthly fox hunt by Shawn, NR1T.

As always, all are welcome to join in the fox hunt, both members and non-members as well as non-licensed operators as you don’t need to transmit to direction find.

The recommended starting areas are the park and ride off route 15, exit 46 and the Stop and Shop in Newtown on route 25.

Details can be found here: Foxhunt Details

If you have never ‘hunted a fox’ before and would like to team up, please reach out to me and I’ll find someone you can team with.

We look forward to seeing you at the fox!