Foxhunt, Wallingford CT, June 19, 2022

Rob Cichon, K1RCT, writes on the ctfoxhunter list at 7:21 PM on June 18, 2022:

Starting at 09:30 in Wallingford.

You may need both Doppler and Directional Systems for this hunt.

1FIAB, a 1W beacon on 145.7

3FIAB, a 12mW beacon on 145.3

4FIAB, a 1W DTMF-1 controlled txcvr as backup on 145.2

You will even hear 2FIAB, 700mW DTMF-1 controlled txcvr on 145.605

Of course, I have an array of antennae to choose from.

The radio cacophony will cease at 11:00 unless someone calls me on the W1NRG repeater or possibly on 144.97 simplex to request a hint or two.

Good luck All!

— 73!

de Rob, K1RCT