January Town Hall Question: How Does My Shack Live On?

Some hams want to know that their equipment will “live on” and be used, especially if it can be made a part of a museum exhibit or club station.  Finding the right place and then including that provision in a will isn’t always easy.  There may not be a museum near-by and the local club may not have a station of any equipment of its own.  We’ve gathered up some information and provided them as either links or text that may point in the right direction.

I’ve been involved in helping to dispose of several estates over the (too many) years and never found a better solution than having a committee of club members help out.  This goes for disposing of the estate as well as finding a good home to donate the equipment to.  That can be a museum, with tax advantages for the estate but it could be a ham who could not otherwise afford that equipment or one that is handicapped.  Using a local club committee usually avoids commissions though the club sometimes shares in the proceeds with the family’s appreciation for their efforts.

If you have additional web sites or information you think we should include let me know and we’ll take a look.