Helping a Just Silent Key’s Family or Just Keeping the Ham Shack Working After You Aren’t

What Will Happen to a Silent Key’s Ham Shack?

Many of us are of an age where we look at a lifetime of accumulated equipment, some boat anchors, some not and think “What do I want to happen to my shack when I’m gone?”  For those of us that don’t want to burden our spouses or other relatives with disposing of a lot of items they may not know the value of, they may start to downsize and leave the balance with guidance about their worth.  For too many others, the family is left to fend for themselves, perhaps relying on radio club members to assist in selling the items.

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Selling Amateur Radio Equipment for the Family

Guidance on selling amateur radio equipment is contained in and is a site where equipment may be sold.  Families will often benefit from the help of club members who are willing to go to flea markets and/or advertise on places like the YCCC reflector, eham, and Facebook ham radios for sale groups.

Keeping the Shack Intact

In the case of the ham who would like to see his shack kept intact and re-used by a museum or school, the options are limited.  A Google search yielded some possible destinations but much depends on the specific needs of the institution.

A search yielded the following possibilities:

College amateur radio stations

Other school clubs

Radio–related museums in New England

Museum ships

Science museums

Other resources

There are several Facebook groups that could be used to find such destinations (be careful!). Sites like and are also possibilities for locating worthy recipients.