QSO Today Ham Expo 2022 to Feature Two Build-a-thons

Joe Reynolds, KA1GDQ, writes on the Algonquin (MA) ARC mailing list:

Two prominent Maine amateurs–Rex Harper, W1REX,  and Stephen Houser, N1SH, will join the QSO Today Ham Expo 2022 for a fourth time with two new Build-a-thons, allowing Expo ticket holders to build kits with them, in real time, with demonstrations and mentoring.  Since the interaction is two-way video webinar format, builders can ask questions and get help. Once the Build-a-thon session ends, the recordings will be put up in the Expo library for future reference.

There are two Expo Build-a-thons:

Beginners Build-a-thon
Level: Beginner
Kit: WBB Transmitter
Click here to go to QRPme to purchase this kit

Another slightly more difficult LIVE Build-a-thon
Level: Intermediate
Kit: Tuna Can Switch Inductor Tuner
Click here to go to QRPme to purchase this kit

For more information:


Ham Expo information:  https://qsotodayhamexpo.com

Expo Tickets: https://qsotoday.vfairs.com/en/register-form 

The ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio® in the United States, is a QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo Partner.  FlexRadio is the Expo’s Platinum Sponsor, and Elecraft is the Gold Sponsor. 

Build-A-Thon kits are provided by QRPme directly and not purchased through the Expo. You must have an Expo ticket to participate in the Build-a-Thons.

photos of two qrp kits