Hidden Transmitter, Agawam/Feeding Hills, MA Vicinity, November 25, 2021

Hampden Co RA logoChris Thornton, W1TRK, writes on the WMAFoxHunters list:
Attention All Foxhunters!
The [Hampden County Radio Association] foxbox #2 has escaped its den and has gone into hiding AGAIN!
FB #2 is transmitting on 147.550 Mhz with a PL of 151.4. You can activate FB #2 by depressing the DTMF key #1. A short depress will activate it if you are close enough. FB2 is transmitting at 1 watt into a tall ducky antenna.
The location is in a publicly accessible area with some nearby parking and can be heard along RT.57 in Agawam/Feeding Hills.
This is a good opportunity for base stations to get in on the fun. If you can hear the fox please give its signal strength and direction if possible.  Please do not reveal its location, just a location where you can hear it from, this then becomes a starting point for the other fox hunters to use. It’s just as important for the hunters to know where it CANNOT be heard as well as where it CAN be heard!