Wadsworth Falls State Park (CT) Activated for POTA, October 11, 2021

Parks On The Air logoDave Tipping, NZ1J, writes on the Meriden ARC Facebook page:
John, KC1KQH, and I activated Wadsworth Falls State Park K-1726 for [Parks On The Air] today. We again used the Inverted Vee antenna, which was highlighted in one of these photos to make it more visible. 40 meters was great and yielded 75 QSOs for each of us. We also got nine QSOs on 80 meters and a few on 6 meters. The hunters were very courteous and several thanked us for activating and commented on how good our signal was. We also had a good signal path to several club members and those QSOs are always appreciated.
A park ranger stopped by while we were working a pile up, but he was satisfied with all our answers. We had no stakes in the ground and nothing fastened to a tree (two pet peeves of park rangers).
This was another very enjoyable activation. NZ1J