ChowderCon 2021 is a “Go,” Four Tree Island, NH, September 18

Carl Achin, WA1ZCQ, writes:

‘Chowdercon’ 2021 is looking good for this Saturday, September 18th on Four Tree Island New Hampshire. We’ll have the usual schedule that has been on-the-plate for decades.

– Friday the 17th: Socializing and Meet-‘N-Greet at Al’s Seafood and Fish Market on RT-1 in North Hampton at 5 PM for the diehard low-power radio amateurs that wish to partake in a WONDERFUL seafood dinner.

– Saturday the 18th is the BIG Day, 7 AM KICKOFF Breakfast at the Golden Egg on RT-1A in Portsmouth NH followed by a caravan of vehicles to Four Tree Island, arriving at approximately 8 AM.

+ Setup of individual stations (rigs & antennas) at the various rooftop-covered picnic tables around the Island.

+ At 12 noon, for those that need a lobster-roll and ‘CHOWDER’ (IT’S CALLED CHOWDERCON FOR A REASON), it’s a short walk to Geno’s Sandwich shop.

+ More operating from the Island after Lunch, and of course, SPRINTING/contesting in QRP Afield (CQ AF) which is always on the SAME DAY as Chowdercon.

+ Around 3 PM station operators start to breakdown and pack-up their gear, and, it’s time for the Annual “TUG-OF-WAR” of the QRPers (5W or less) against the QRPpers (*LESS THAN* 1 Watters)! ALWAYS A FUN TIME! 🙂

+ Caravan over to the historic Warren’s Lobster House at 4:30 PM, just a 5 minute drive from Four Tree Island. IT’S A TRADITION!!! The FAREWELL BANQUET usually finishes-up at approximately 6:30 PM+.

– *** SUNDAY from 8 AM through 2 PM is more operating from the Island for those DIEHARDS that, “FEEL THE NEED FOR SPEED” (high-speed Morse-code that is!) 🙂 LOL

– AND, there is usually a final farewell meal at Statey’s, Portsmouth at around 3 PM+++ till the last person leaves/drops. 🙂

‘Chowdercon’ is a TRADITION and a celebration of the END OF SUMMER / BEGINNING OF FALL. A few of us started doing this QRP Event back in 1987 and it grew. In 2006 it was dubbed “CHOWDERCON” … and the rest is history (and QRP tradition).

If you are up for it, please join-in on the, fun, excitement, and good times of Chowdercon. Participate in whatever tickles your fancy.

Sincere 7 3 and Happy Fall,


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