Fox Active in Nashua NH, September 4, 2021

Wayne Grant, KB1HYL, writes on the Granite State ARA list at 8:11 AM on September 4, 2021:

Just letting you know that the fox is out of its cage.  It’s in Nashua, Mine Falls Park, west of the Everett Turnpike.

When you find it, would you please sign the log book with your name, call sign, date and time.  Then, if you would, please replace the camouflage over it to make it not too obvious for the next person.

 I’ll be shutting it down around 7 PM today.  (If I can find it ;^)


Wayne – KB1HYL


1 thought on “Fox Active in Nashua NH, September 4, 2021”

  1. Wayne, KB1HYL, writes at 7:10 AM on September 5, 2021:

    Well, it looks like I made the fox too difficult. Or, I didn’t give enough clues. It appears that no one found it (if anyone tried.) That’s the problem with an output power of just 15 mW and hiding it in the woods. The signal gets attenuated quite a bit. Also it being a holiday weekend. Did anyone actually try? I’d appreciate if you could let me know.


    Wayne – KB1HYL


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