Newport County (RI) Radio Club Members Participate in Portsmouth EMA Disaster Assessment Exercise, August 25, 2021

From the Newport County Radio Club Facebook page:
Last night Norfolk County (RI) Radio Club members participated in a RIARES-managed communications and disaster assessment exercise with the Portsmouth EMA, and the Common Fence Point Community Association in conjunction with the Portsmouth EMA Communications Team.
Key players included: Paul W1PJS, Teri W1PUP, John N1ZO, Scott WX1X, Jeremy K1JST, Charles W1CRB, Adam KC1KCC, Mike K1NPT, Bob WB4SON, Brian N1TBT, Rob KB1ZZU, & Ted W1GRI for filling out the roster for the exercise. Paul K1YBE helped with pre-event planning.
Photos are available in the share album: