[RI-ARES] RI ARES Form 205 for Henri, Storm 8/22/2021

RI SEC Paul Silverzweig, W1PJS, writes to RI ARES Members:

Attached please find the form 205 for the Hurricane Henri situation.

It includes the repeaters on VHF and the HF frequencies, plus the simplex frequency 147.420 which we use for our simplex nets.

All communications will take place on the NB1RI repeaters as long as they are functional. Then we go to Simplex VHF. If the link goes down, we can use
the repeaters as standalone, and the 147.42 frequency as needed. HF is included, should it be needed.

Please prepare for the storm, first by taking care of yourselves and your families. Next, be sure any auxiliary power you have is charged and ready.

Someone will be actively monitoring the repeater network and the simplex frequency throughout the storm.

Note that the Cumberland machine, 145.170 remains delinked, but can be re-linked if need be.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask.

Please also review the Preparedness and Training Guide, also attached, for an idea of how to find some useful information if you may need it.

Paul Silverzweig, W1PJS
RI Section Emergency Coordinator
RI Association of Emergency Managers
     Chair, Radio Communications Committee
All Hazards FEMA RIEMA ComL
Air Force MARS
NESMC RI Director
Portsmouth EMA Communications Leader
646-522-2262, HH 4224


Paul, W1PJS
RI Section Emergency Coordinator


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