N1EP Creating Maine-wide “Elmer” List

Maine iconPhil Duggan, N1EP, is creating a Maine-wide Elmer (Mentor) list for new or prospective hams as well as experienced amateur radio operators who need assistance in getting on the air.

If you would like to be included on the list, send N1EP your name, call, contact info, and the part of Maine you could be available as an Elmer, such as Midcoast, Downeast, Bangor, etc.

Your name and call sign will be listed, but your contact information will not be made available on the Internet. Instead, anyone needing assistance will first contact N1EP, and then he will provide that person your contact information.

Elmering can include actually helping install antennas and radios, programming rigs, getting other local hams to assist, or just providing advice on how to do these things. 

Ham radio clubs can also be included in this list.

Be an Elmer. Help strengthen Maine amateur radio. Contact Phil Duggan N1EP email n1ep@arrl.net.