Greater Bridgeport ARC Foxhunt, Trumbull/ Easton/Monroe, CT, April 10, 2021

Greater Bridgeport ARC loogoFrom GBARC Wiki:

On Saturday April 10th at 9 am we will have our monthly Foxhunt.  All members and non-members are invited to attend.  The purpose of the foxhunt is to track down a hidden transmitter and find some information, then relay that information according to the instructions on a sign where the fox is located.  DO NOT CONGREGATE or socialize with others.  Whenever possible remain safely in your car and stay a safe distance away from others.   You will be able to find the sign by the fox with the information from inside your car.  For more tips, see below the map.

The first person to locate the fox will receive a free pizza delivered to their home and 5 points.  All other participants will receive 3 points for locating the fox and 1 point for participating . Points will be tallied for the year, and at the end of the year prizes will be awarded to the top 3 hunters. [Full story]