Winlink Catching On in New Hampshire

ARES logoWinlink Global Email is catching on in New Hampshire, according to Jay Taft, K1EHZ.

“We encourage more NH ARES members to become engaged so every ARES group has Winlink capability. Here’s how:

  • If you have the equipment for FLdigi you have the equipment for Winlink.
  • Contact Jay Taft K1EHZ at for assistance getting started.
    • Individual coaching over the phone to download, install and configure free software.
    • Zoom coaching sessions for small groups.
    • On-air message practice using Winlink gateways and peer-to-peer connections.
  • Participate in the ARES Academy – Winlink Workshop – October 17th, 0900-1100.
  • Join the Wednesday Winlink Net on the radio or over the internet.
  • Establish a local Winlink internet gateway, or a digital repeater to the Bedford gateway.
    • Some equipment is available for long-term loan.