Rhode Island January 2021 Activity Report

The Covid pandemic situation has continued far longer than anyone wanted. As a result, two of our popular Amateur radio events that had been scheduled have had to be cancelled. The Dayton Hamvention was cancelled in 2020 and now is also cancelled in 2021. See details at <http://www.arrl.org/news/dayton-hamvention-cancels-2021-show>. Here in New England, the NEAR-FEST spring session has also been cancelled. For more information visit <http://forum.near-fest.com/index.php?topic=1522.0>.

We in Rhode Island are popular targets for fellow Amateurs who wish to complete their Worked All States award requirements. I have been contacted by a YL in Kentucky, Carol K4SAF. She needs only RI and Montana to complete WAS-YL. I have asked the YLs that I know to try to help Carol but haven’t had success yet. If you are a YL and would like to help a fellow ham, contact Carol Laferty in Kentucky at k4saf@yahoo.com. I assume 40 meters would provide best propagation. You Carol may decide what mode to use. Thank you very much.

Our RI Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC), Paul W1PJS unintentionally caused some concern when his e mail server rejected e mail sent to him.  Paul has been under medical treatment and we didn’t know if something was wrong. I spoke to Paul by phone and was assured that he is doing well. His e mail server had failed and for a few days it was rejecting mail. It should be OK now. Paul and I appreciate your concern.

Dave, K1MO has about 200 feet of cable TV hard line available and is looking for a good home for it. I have used some of the same cable for years. It handles a KW and has very low loss at HF frequencies. He also has a Diamond F-22 2 meter antenna for sale (cheap) Contact Dave at 401-333-0275.

HF band conditions were quite good for a short while and for the last couple of weeks, have not been very good at all. Solar Flux is in the 70s and was over 100 a short time ago. Hopefully, conditions will recover soon. With increasing daylight every day, the higher bands will be open longer every day.

The IARU is preparing to represent the interests of the amateur and amateur-satellite services at World Radiocommunication Conference 2023 (WRC-23). The WRC conferences are typically held every four years to consider revisions to the international Radio Regulations that define frequency allocations for various radio services. What happens at these meetings is very important to Amateur Radio. We have done well in the past but spectrum is a limited valuable commodity and God isn’t making any more of it. Folks around the world fight long and hard for space and more privileges. Our team is working now to be ready. See <http://www.arrl.org/news/international-amateur-radio-union-preparing-for-wrc-23> for more details.

Along with our support of our WARC/WRC team, we should consider some tangible support through donation to the Frequency Defense Fund.  Maintaining the legal and technical support our team must have to be competitive in dealing with the other country-members attending is a challenge. Each country has one vote, regardless whether it’s a small entity in the middle of nowhere or Great Britain or the USA. So, USA must gain support from other countries with similar interests. Your ARRL does this for all of us on a continuing basis. I support them as a Diamond Club and Maxim Society member and I encourage you to support ARRL also to the level you feel comfortable. Please accept my thanks.

Please remember that social distancing requires that we separate by one wavelength at 164 MHz. Stay well and always be safe. Thanks very much and I hope to see you on the air. 



ARRL Rhode Island Section

Section Manager: Robert G Beaudet, W1YRC