RFI Remedies

What if I Can’t Fix the Source of the RFI?

The RFI may be caused by an inaccessible or irreplaceable device, like a furnace or a device in your home or in another location.  How do I deal with RFI I can’t cure?

There are ways to reduce the effect of RFI on your reception, using phase canceling devices, ferrite cores and chokes, baluns and shielding of RFI sources.  The K9YC cookbook describes in detail the theory and practice of RF chokes.  Thanks to Carmine, K1VL for this reference.   Some vendors sell complete kits with instructions for reducing RFI from devices such as solar energy systems.  Specific devices and/or vendors are only referenced as examples and no recommendation of any product is intended.  W1VLF shows what can be done with a noise cancelling device like an ANC-4 and a loop antenna to cancel solar power inverter RFI from your own system.

Each works in a different way to reduce the effects of RFI.

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