June 2021 Rhode Island Activity Report

Greetings ARRL members and friends,

Field Day is the main topic in the minds of most active Amateurs. Field Day will take place on June 26 and 27. I’m writing this just before and I’m late. My apologies. Field Day is one of the most widely participated events in the year and the goal is to have fun. Of course, the Covid pandemic has changed the way we live our lives, but despite that we shall enjoy Field Day.

FCC has issued a new ruling, called Report and Order FCC 19-126. I reported it to you last month but it’s important enough to repeat, so here it is:

A new ruling from FCC, called Report and Order FCC 19-126, became effective on May 3rd. It concerns RF exposure and the potential danger caused by it to anyone near an antenna. You must be in compliance with the new rules. Even if you checked out OK with the previous formula and calculations, you must do it again. There are several on line calculators to help you comply with this ruling. Watch this video for information that will help you. Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dSieKF3rm0 and take notes. The video is an hour long, so watch it when you have some time. A simple to use on-line calculator may be found at http://www.lakewashingtonhamclub.org/resources/rf-exposure-calculator/.

Lots more general information on RF exposure may be found at http://www.arrl.org/rf-exposure. I have measured my station and found that I am in compliance, but everyone should check their radiation.

As I mentioned earlier, this report is late by about ten days. The time simple flew past me this month. My target is to issue my monthly report between the 12th and 18th.

RI ARES under Paul W1PJS’s leadership is very active and growing. If you are inclined to share some of your ham time and energy for service to your community, please contact Paul at w1pjs@hollowsolids.com , In performing public service, your effort will be much more effective when you are part of an  organized team rather than if you are working alone.

BVARC is planning to attempt to resume its very popular Consortium sessions this fall. Of course, it depends on whether Asia Grille will be open for dining in September. The schedule is prepared and programs are ready to go. After fourteen years of offering these tutorial basic radio programs, we feel confident that resumption of the Consortium will be welcomed. Further announcement will be made on the BVARC website, www.w1ddd.org .

Another event planned for in person participation this September 11-12 in Marlborough, MA. It’s the New England Division Convention, formerly called the Boxborough Hamfest and old timers referred to it as the Swampscott Hamfest. Of course, Swampscott is ancient history to most of us. The Marlborough event is called Ham Exposition or Ham Expo. Details may be found at https://hamxposition.org/ . Hope to see you there.

I want to get this out before Field Day, so this report may be shorter than my usual, but I want to mention the most important items coming up. We must not forget to mention band conditions improving. Yes, they really are. If you disagree, you might need a better antenna, 20 and 17 meters are open to the Far East just about every early morning and sometimes just before sunset. 6 meters has been open frequently, thanks to sporadic E openings which can occur at any time of day and shut down just quickly as it opens.

Summer has just officially started and I sincerely hope that you will enjoy a pleasant and relaxing summer. We have one of the greatest states in the country for summertime enjoyment. Our wonderful bay is a jewel in the crown. Sailing the bay is something that folks from all over the country dream about and we call it home. How lucky we are, indeed. Some of my friends go to different spots around the bay to operate QRP with a portable antenna. It’s great fun.

I have learned from my friends that ham equipment is difficult to purchase. Popular radios such as the Icom IC-7300 are out of stock at all the popular vendors. Most won’t accept orders because they cannot say when they will be able to deliver. That’s a shock to me. Amplifiers, both HF and VHF are difficult to buy or order. I understand that components such as IC’s and semiconductors are in short supply and the reason for radios and amps being also short. Some report that the entire infrastructure is slowed to a crawl, including delivery at all levels. This may take a while to iron out. Factories around the world were shut down and workers sent home. We’re now seeing the results of taking those actions.

In the interest of getting this out and into the hands of ARRL members before Field Day, I am ending my report here. Please try to have fun this weekend. I hope I hear and see you on the air.


ARRL Rhode Island Section
Section Manager: Robert G Beaudet, W1YRC