“Let’s Make 2 Meters Great Again!” Field Day Initiative

A Connecticut amateur has proposed a nationwide coordinated schedule for making contacts on 2 meters over the 2021 Field Day weekend.
“My name is Nick Kettle KC1DWH. I am a member and secretary of the Fidelity Amateur Radio Club. I am writing to inform area clubs about an initiative I have started regarding activity on 2 meters.
“I participated in the last VHF contest and I found there was a lack of activity in the band, also understanding many things such as propagation are variables of course. I developed several coordinated dates and times over the course of the upcoming Field Day where clubs and hams can get on the air and use 2 meters. This will give an opportunity for especially newer hams who have FM gear to make QSOs but also show them other modes available with their privileges.
“I would appreciate if you could share this. This has been shared across many ham radio group pages across the country on Facebook. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and best of luck to those participating in Field Day. I have attached a jpeg and the PDF attachment of the flyer with the requisite information.”
Nick, KC1DWH 
Lets Make 2 Meters Great Again PDF

Field Day PR: “Bopping Through the Wild Blue, Amateur Radio Field Day Makes a Connection”

The Kennebunk (ME) Press Herald carried a story on June 9 entitled, “Bopping Through the Wild Blue, Amateur Radio Field Day Makes a Connection.”

KENNEBUNK – Interest in amateur, often called “ham” radio began at the turn of the 20th century. It was a way people could talk to each other, across town or across the world.

And although cell phones and other means of communication are very much in use, ham radio remains a popular pastime and a valuable resource.

“It can provide communications when all other systems fail – that has been proven many times during events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, etc.,” said Alex Mendelsohn of the New England Radio Discussion Society. The society will host its annual field day later this month. [Full story]

Field Day Promoted on WOON Radio in Woonsocket, RI

Blackstone Valley ARCBob Jones, WB1P, writes on the Blackstone Valley ARC (RI) list:

For those who did not catch it,  Ron Blais, KB1RYT, made a fantastic presentation earlier today [June 11, 2021] promoting Field Day on Woonsocket’s WOON radio.  He covered all the aspects of the event and stressed the Blackstone Valley Amateur Radio Club‘s involvement in the activity including its purpose and  schedule.

Thank you Ron!!

ARRL to Extend Field Day Rule Waivers from 2020, Add Class D and E Power Limit

From ARRL Web:

The COVID-19 pandemic-modified ARRL Field Day rules from 2020 will continue this June with the addition of a power limit imposed on Class D (Home Stations) and Class E (Home Stations-Emergency Power) participants. The news from the ARRL Board’s Programs and Services Committee comes as many clubs and groups are starting preparations for Field Day in earnest. Field Day 2021 will take place June 26 – 27.

“This early decision should alleviate any hesitancy that radio clubs and individual Field Day participants may have with their planning for the event,” said ARRL Contest Program Manager Paul Bourque, N1SFE. [More]