Town Hall Recap, January 25, 2024

ARRL logoApproximately seventy people attended last night’s New England Division Town Hall Zoom meeting to hear and ask questions about the results of the recent ARRL board meeting on January 19-20, 2024 in Windsor, Connecticut. The Town Hall panel consisted of Director Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC; Vice Director Phil Temples, K9HI; and invited guest ARRL First Vice President Kristen McIntyre, K6WX.

Among the topics discussed from the ARRL member bulletin

  • the establishment of a committee to review By-Laws 42 (Ethics and Elections Committee)
  • a vote to make the ARRL Director’s Workbook publicly available on the ARRL website
  • the reintroduction of ARRL Life Membership and 70+ Life Membership
  • free associate membership for full-time students age 21 and younger
  • an ARRL student coding competition
  • efforts to combat the threat from the “Shortwave Modernization Coalition”

and more. The complete minutes of the 2024 Annual Meeting of the ARRL Board of Directors will be available soon on the ARRL website.


You can view the discussion and the Q&A via the video presentation below.


2024-01-25 New England Division Town Hall v3